Where Can I Find Infertility Support?

Finding out that you or your partner are infertile can often be difficult.  Some may choose to tell close family and friends of their struggles, while others try to endure the diagnosis alone.  Options for support outside of your circle of friends and family may include:

  • Online peer-led support group
  • In person support group
  • Professional therapist

Finding an in person peer led support group may be as close as your Reproductive Endocrinologist's office.  Often times, their offices host support group meetings as a complementary service to patients. 

Online support groups or forums, like those found on FertileThoughts.com, offer the convenience of around the clock availability with as much anonymity as you would like.  This expands your support network to a nationwide group of women with the common goal of pregnancy and shared experiences.  An open, anonymous forum often allows women to share anecdotal information about their own treatment and success without judgment or unsolicited advice. 

Professional therapists trained in issues pertaining to reproductive challenges can also provide support and arbitrarily help you work through your concerns about pursuing fertility treatment.  A list of infertility therapists can be found on the ASRM website.