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Christmas gifts for preschool teachers/day care providers??

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    There are 4 full-time teachers in Abby's room... 2 on the young infant side and 2 on the older infant side. Abby just moved to the older infant side right after Thanksgiving. The way they do it is as a team for their side of the room. There are 8 kids on each side and they "assign" 4 kids to each teacher. But really both teachers watch the group and each teacher changes diapers and fills out paperwork for their individually assigned babies. Since Abby just left the young infant side, there are 2 other teachers who took care of her since August.

    Soooooooooo I decided to just get all 4 the same thing. I am getting each of them a $25 gift card to a nice restaurant chain here in Houston. so I am spending a $100 total which is a lot given our budget with the rest of Christmas.

    My DH would freak if he knew that's what I was doing. He is such a typical man in that he doesn't understand why we need to give them anything... he said, "we pay them every week, that is their gift"

    so I'm doing it on the sly...

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    Great ideas ladies!!!! I think I will get everyone a gift card at the pre-school and a nice check for my daycare provider. I need to finish my shopping this weekend.

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    I gave our daycare provider a Philosophy Gift set ($45 dollar value). I agree - a week's worth of pay is out of my budget). We don't even spend that much on our own parents.

    Kyra Riley (5/23/03) and Erin Mckenna (11/4/05)

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    About gifts at Christmas is better to think before the Christmas rush, otherwise festive carousel whirl so that shopping trips there will be no effort or time. If you are going to visit friends, we can simplify the task and buy a useful gift cards for all sweet and fairing for the child. The Christmas is not necessary to buy expensive gifts, enough to do a cake and a bottle of wine or bring greetings as tea set, gift jar of good coffee or a box of chocolates. Best Christmas gift - shaped cakes, they can be purchased in advance or bake yourself. On the eve of the stores there are various products with Christmas motifs: clocks, calendars, mugs, candles, key rings, bookmarks, magnets, pens and notepads. To create a festive atmosphere and dye your wishes and congratulations, friends, colleagues and relatives it is necessary to buy a little surprises.

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