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Reproductive Immunology

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    Hi everyone. I switched doctor and we will be adding neupogen on next IVF because intralipids didn't work. I did not pay anything on my auto immune testing but I'm still not sure if nk cell and DQa gene testing are covered. I have Aetna and Tricare.
    TTC-2 yrs (1Samuel 1:17) Me-28 mild PCOS, DH-28

    6IUIs-BFN IVF, FET1-BFN high NK cells & 50% DQa match with husband FET2-BFN
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    Have you ladies ever used or heard of Dr. Sher in Vegas? He is apparently a pioneer in this field believing NK cells are a cause to "unexplained infertility". Anyone with any experience with him or NK cells?

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    Quote Originally Posted by soon2bmommy View Post
    My husband and I have been ttc for 7 years now. After Clomid, IUI's, 2 Fresh IVF cycles and 1 frozen, we finally got pregnant (2nd fresh IVF) in February. Sadly, I miscarried in March

    Last week we had an appointment with a new doctor who suggested that I have bloodwork done for Reproductive Immunology. I had actually read a book last year by Dr. Alan Beer that discussed these issues that could be the cause to "Unexplained Infertility". I had, at the time, asked my doctor about it but he said that it wasn't anything he was familiar with and pretty much shooed it away.

    I was so excited it when this new doctor explained the immunology issues that could be causing the failed IVF's and miscarriage. She also said that their office had had great success in treating patients that tested positive. For my age, I'll be 39 in 2 weeks, she gave me a 75% chance at success if my test came back positive and they could treat me for it. Well guess what?? My test came back positive today! I knew there had to be a reason we couldn't get pregnant!

    I'm so excited, I just wanted to share this information with anyone that has been told they have unexplained infertility!

    We are going to have IVF again and feel so positive about the outcome this time! I will keep you all posted!!

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    Hi!!! I am in south Florida too... can you share the name of reproductive immunologist you used? Thanks !!

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