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Trying to conceive on HRT with POF

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    Trying to conceive on HRT with POF

    Hi! Is anyone trying to come conceive on HRT? I am new to the forum and trying to conceive.

    A little about me. I am 37 and have never been pregnant. I am recently engaged and found out I have POF. My FSH was 76 in October 2017. The RE put me right on the HRT and and it came down to 30. Still very high.

    Anyway, I was given the DE talk and she suggested acupuncture prior to attempting and fertility drugs as I would be a poor responder, she thinks.

    I just started taking supplements, pre-mamma (less expensive version of pregnatude) CoQ10, acupuncture once a week and the Chinese herbs she provides, melatonin and a prenatal. I Aldo do fertility massage each night when I am not on my cycle. I picked up this regimen from a blogger who found success with it. Her name escapes me right now. I am going to do this for 90 days and get my FSH retested.

    Sorry for the long post. Let me know if you have any success stories with hrt or pof. Also advice or just general support.
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    There are really only two reasons that your ovaries would begin to lose their function. These are follicle dysfunction and follicle depletion. Depletion comes from the outside factors, chromosomal things you were born with or from toxins (ie. chemotherapy or radiation). Dysfunction is all inside such as an autoimmune disease that may have attacked your ovary. Your doctor may run tests to determine which happened to you. While the above listed can be causes for your ovary failure, age can be as well. If you are between 35 and 40 your risk nearly triples for premature ovarian failure. Also, family history, if there is a strong history of other females in your family line suffering from the same problem; it makes your chances highly likely as well. Once this has happened, your doctor may discuss what could happen next. Women who have this happen usually have a few “complications” that need to be addressed. Depression or anxiety; this can be treated with therapy sessions or medication. Osteoporosis can be aided with dosages of estrogen. While the most troubling cannot be fixed with a simple medication, infertility. My Bio tex clinic helped me overcome infertility. I do hope that you will get help soon.

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