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Please help to interpret these tests results

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    Please help to interpret these tests results

    I just had my routine blood test done and this is the result. I am trying to figure it out. Im 38 years, trying to conceive with the second baby. My first one is 21 months and I stopped breastfeeding 4 months ago and still have no period.

    FSH 8.1 mIU/ml
    normal range
    follicular phase 2.5-10.2
    mid cycle peak 3.1 - 17.7
    luteal phase 1.5 - 9.1
    postmenopausal 23.0- 116

    LH 1.8
    follicular phase 1.9-12.5
    mid cycle peak 8.7 - 76.3
    luteal phase 0.5 - 16.9
    postmenopausal 10.0 - 54.7

    folicular phase <1.0
    luteal phase 2.6 - 21.5
    postmenopausal < 0.5

    ESTRADIOL 33 pg/ml
    follicular phase 19-144
    mid cycle peak 64- 357
    luteal phase 56 - 214
    postmenopausal <31

    what this results mean? I have the doctor appointment in 2 weeks , can't wait to figure out.

    Please advice

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    I think they all look great. But im no dr. And im not sure what he's looking for
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    I have done these tests on my own, we are trying to conceive, but my period haven't return yet after I stopped breastfeeding.

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