Hi every one
This month I took jonal f injectiond . I had U/S at CD 9 and found 2 follies on the right measuring around 12-13 and one on the left measuring around 16 (im not sure about their sizes) and lots of small ones
The next day I felt ovulation pain , I used ovulation microscope and it shows ferning , next day ferning was less .
At CD 11 I had another U/S there was only one that grew up and the others were small !!
DR refused to give me HCG injections , she said that all the small ones will pop out and its better to ovulate on my own.

Also , there were small cysts !!

My questions are :
Could someone ovulate multiple time in a cycle?
Could the other small eggs have the chance to grow untill CD 18-19 ?

I want to do another U/S at CD 16 maybe? To check if they grow up or not!

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