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need help

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    need help

    Hi, Iím new here and want to share my story. Iím 31 years old. Have a husband and lovely job but I have a big problem in my life. Being young and stupid, I got married and was thinking only about myself and wealth status. My husband and I were traveling a lot, lived in the moment. I didnít care about my health, but my careless attitude caused a great damage me. Over time I found menstrual disorders, the length of my period decreased, so I came to the doctor. He made the medical examination and diagnosed a cervial cancer. I had a lot of diagnostics but this didnít help, the doctor suggested me to make trachelectomy but as the affected cancer area was large he cut a lot of it. Thatís why I canít have my own children. The doctor said that Iím in the risk of cancer relapse. Iím exhausted, disappointed and losing my hope to become a mother. My husband is trying to support me. You know when the woman loses her faith in everything it is just awful. Iím too young for it, I donít want to lose my husband. Of course, he loves me but everything has the end. Iím really afraid of it. One time we thought about adoption, but I really want to have my own full-blooded child. My husband is trying to support me. He even suggested me a surrogacy as an option. Before we go any further we read a lot about surrogacy but there is a risk. Naturally, there are different countries, views and advantages but we need to choose something. I will really appreciate if someone who had or have such problems can share it with me. Thank you in advance.

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    Hi, hun! Sorry you've found yourself here. Welcome and so sorry for your path. But surrogacy is the option in your case I believe. We passed ivf with de more than a year ago in Ukraine. Did a great research work on all the treatment options. So will definitely advise you to look onto surroparents.org. It deals with surrogacy in the country. Moreover they offer consultations for free in London.
    Thinking of you and keep us posting X
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    I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 19 (had it since I was 16 but doctors kept brushing me aside) and I am now 24. I began taking medication immediately after being diagnosed to help get everything under control. Because of my pcos I do not ovulate on my own so I also was taking medication to help me ovulate. Last February I underwent surgery because I developed endometriosis as well so the doctor had to remove a bunch of cysts. During the surgery he found a cyst blocking my tubes. I went on a diet where I basically cut out sugar and I noticed a huge change in the pain. . 3 weeks after the surgery my boyfriend and I continued trying for a baby (we've been trying for a year) and in April we found out we were finally pregnant! We did not have to go through IVF. We now have a beautiful and healthy baby boy. Don't give up with trying for a baby! It's not an easy road with having pcos but once you are holding your baby you forget about everything you went through. I just started treatments again and in 2 years we will begin trying for a baby again my specialist said to me the other day that with pcos it can range on the difficulty conceiving. Luckily I did not have to take hormone shots or IVF, if the surgery wouldn't have worked we would have tried hormone shots then possibly IVF. Best of luck to you!

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