Hi all. I haven't been here for ages. 3 years have passed since my baby was born via surrogacy in Ukraine. Funny is that recently I realized I want a sibling for my only child. Am I crazy? I mean, having a baby with my conditin is already a blessing but I do feel I need one more child. Although I've been through surrogacy years ago, I'm very nervous as though I've never done this before. I've already contacted the same clinic and was pleased to see there are still some people who worked with us 4 years ago. This is quite comforting. Treatment became more expensive but everything is included and what is the most important it's guarantee.
I'm a bit worried about current situation in Ukraine. Despite I was assured that rumors about surrogacy ban in Ukraine are just rumors and new law won't be adopted, I can't stop thinking about what to do in case it will be passed. Is anyone here currently having treatment in Ukraine?