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Trying to find a suitable clinic for surrogacy

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    Trying to find a suitable clinic for surrogacy

    Hello ladies.
    I've already started a thread with my story. Speaking in a few words, I've been diagnosed with HIV. I gave birth to a baby, but my boy died due to simple cold boosted by HIV. That's I didn't want to conceive naturally again, and I was looking for other ways to have a baby Thank you all for your advice.
    I'm definitely going for surrogacy. I've already read through some threads about clinics abroad. But they are so messy...
    It seems that clinics in Georgia and Ukraine are the most popular. But I don't know which one to choose. There are Isida, New Life, Biotexcom, but they all have good reviews, and I don't know which one to choose. Maybe some people could share their stories and experience?

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    Hello! I'm sorry you've found yourself here.
    Friends of mine were definitely inspired of many couples’ experiences abroad. They read their stories on the net. Finally they decided to try their luck in Ukraine, Biotexcom clinic and are happy parents now. They chose the all inclusive package. All meds needed, unlimited attempts and treatment are covered by the package price. I remember them pay 29900 euro. Moreover the clinic provided them with accommodation and transportation. And these are the couple of things I remember from what I was told as for the procedure going there.
    The very first thing is that a couple must be officially married in time the first appointment is conducted. Also a couple has to show the papers proving that a woman can’t get pregnant. Then the necessary tests must be done. All the things discussed with dr and documents signed. The second appointment is conducted in order to get sperm and retrieve eggs.
    This very day the eggs are fertilized. On the fifth day they transfer the embryo to surrogate mother. Then a couple waits two weeks for the pregnancy test. In a month approximately the surrogate mother has her first scan. She has to do them every month since that. A couple receives each time photo and video from the procedure with translation. On week 32-34 a surro and a couple come to Kiev and they all wait for the childbirth at the place. After the birth surrogate signs the papers of her baby refusal. Then a couple waits for the papers in the embassy to be ready. Seems that’s all.
    Hope this helps X hugs X

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    Hello, ma name id David and I'm working as account manager in surrogacy clinics (Ukraine). If you need any help, I can help you. Our clinics are very famous and most programs we make for people abroad. In Ukraine all programs are cheaper than anywhere and we not inferior to the quality.

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    Did you know that moms in California are in the highest demand and receive the highest compensation for surrogacy? Help another family out and show your selflessness. I was a surrogate mother and thinking about doing it again! It you are interested I would love to speak with you or answer any questions you may have.

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    Hello, we were in Ukraine. Because in Ukraine the most reasonable prices. In addition, our clinic has provided us with apartments and meals. The driver of the clinic met us at the airport. We were given an experienced interpreter. Strictly speaking, the managers have done everything to make us feel comfortable. We are very grateful to them for their good attitude. But, nevertheless, we had to wait for our turn to visit the doctor. Because, when we arrived at the clinic has been a lot of people, a lot of customers. Due to the fact that in Ukraine quite reasonable prices, we were able to pay for the VIP package. This allowed us to start the process much faster. We had a long conversation with managers before signing a contract with the clinic. It was important for us to discuss all the points. In this matter, we are very scrupulous. My husband and I had a bad experience in another country. And there we had a failure, we had three attempts. And the medical staff did not explain anything to us about the reasons for the failure. In addition, we had to pay for every attempt. And that clinic did not provide either housing or food. Therefore, immediately upon arrival, we ran into the problem of housing. We booked the hotel in advance. But when we arrived in the hotel we were told that there is no reservation. Surely, they have something mixed up. But we had to walk around the city and look for another hotel. At the same time, we did not know the language of that country. And no one helped us.In general, when we first traveled, everything went wrong. And when we flew to Ukraine, we were very happy that we were met at the airport. Everything was as we agreed with the manager. We did not have unpleasant surprises.I wrote to you about our travels, and you analyze and think for yourself.

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