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Shipping breastmilk

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    Shipping breastmilk

    I would like to know about your experiences pumping and shipping breastmilk for IPs. Did you do it? For how long? Did the milk ever get warm or going bad? Did you ask for extra payment? TIA

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    I am sorry I do not know the answer to this, but I was always so intrigued by this idea. I wish my supply would have been more abundant as I would have loved to help others in need of BM..
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    Breastmilk can be shipped or transported in coolers or cooler shipping boxes, using ice, dry ice or gel packs. For local transportation of breastmilk, keep the milk in a cooler and on ice, especially in hotter climates. Overnight shipping and long distances are best done with dry ice and/or gel packs since regular ice melts quickly. The courier used to ship the package will need to know that the content is a low risk biological product, and that the package contains dry ice. Shipping breastmilk generally does not require documentation or a permit, but each shipping company and country will have slightly different requirements, all based in law, especially when shipping internationally. Frozen milk on dry ice that will be shipped within a state, province or region, or to a neighboring state, province or region, can be shipped by ground.
    If the milk is shipped over a couple of state, provinces or country lines, or if there is a chance that the milk needs to be stored due to weather impediments, it is especially important that the milk be packed with dry ice and/or gel packs to prevent thawing.

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