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Surrogacy in Thailand-- anyone interested in an interview?

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    Surrogacy in Thailand-- anyone interested in an interview?

    Posted on behalf of Nina Teggarty, ABC TV


    Dear Parents to Be,

    I work for the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) in Bangkok, Thailand.

    We are currently making a television report about families who are engaged in surrogacy in Thailand.

    Perhaps you are currently in Bangkok, waiting to leave with your new baby?
    Or perhaps your surrogate is pregnant and you’re worried what will happen in the future?
    Or perhaps you have embryos frozen in Thailand?

    I would really like to hear how the current situation is affecting you and your family - it would be great if you could get in touch.

    My email is: Teggarty.Nina@abc.net.au
    If you send an email or phone number, I will contact you directly.

    I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks so much, Nina
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    I recommend you to be careful with countries of third world. Thailand is one of the cheapest countries for the surrogate motherhood. With great hope and enthusiasm we went to the Thai clinic. There, we spent a lot of money, and even after 4 attempts we did not reach positive result. Doctors, of course, explained it with the specifics of such procedure, organism’s and embryo’s peculiarities and so on and so on. But a fat lot of good that will do us! We spent all our savings and went home without child. I want to say a few words concerning general impression regarding Thai clinic. In general, it could be seen rather weak organization of work. Surrogate mothers are not checked as must be and their attitude towards the role they perform is rather specific and negative. They do not feel responsibility and care for the child they carry. All the time, we were accompanied by a feeling of uncertainty towards doctor’s actions. We felt fear if all goes as it should be and if they really conduct real embryo transfer... In a word, Thailand was a horror for us. We spent all our money, had no result but only sense of despair and distrust of clinics for human reproduction. Returning home, during about a year we renovated our psychological condition. And we needed time to raise money for the next attempt.

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    Hello, I'm sorry that you have experienced so many failures. But, we had a similar experience in India. However, surrogacy in India have already banned today. And it seems to me that this is the right decision. To date, surrogacy is banned in Thailand. Thai parliament passed a law that prohibits commercial surrogacy. So, foreigners and same-sex couples will not be able to get a kid from Thai women. Only a heterosexual couple will be able to create a baby, in which at least one partner is a resident of Thailand. At the same time, a future mother must be older than 25 years. She must also have relatives or a husband. The Thai authorities were forced to pass this law after several major scandals involving Thai surrogate mothers and foreigners.
    However, critics of the new law believe that he will drive commercial surrogacy underground. Because of this, the residents of the country participating in this will not be able to receive qualified medical care.
    As a result, the number of serious complications of pregnancy and childbirth will increase significantly. At this point, good options for surrogacy is the Ukraine and perhaps Georgia. But, of course, every person has his own opinion.

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    Hopefully, in the next attempt you were successful!

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