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Help! I am jealous of my husband to surrogate mother(((

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    Hi!!! I read this story and I can`t believe my eyes!!! It`s a miracle, I`m sure))) One more interesting thing is that we were in the same clinic. The world is not so big as it seems to me sometimes. Some years ago we had surrogacy program in Ukraine. Unfortunately it was not possible to stimulate me to get some eggs. So our child is genetically related only to my husband. But I didn`t have any problems during the whole pregnancy. I didn`t even think that my husband feels something more to the surrogate. I mean that it was obvious that he loves our child even in the womb but not the surrogate. Yes, we are thankful to her. We understand that she made our dream come true. May be in case I was stimulated I could also get pregnant (joke)))) I think that Micy is a mother already (the surrogate gave birth to their child). I`m really happy for her))) I can answer some of Kathy`s questions. We had our program more than 3 years ago. Even that time the clinic was popular. We saw there people all over the world. We heard so many different languages around us. Some of them we were not even able to recognize))) I think that now the clinic is even more popular. We had surrogacy program there. But as far as I remember they also provide IVF, ICSI. It is possible to get en egg donor and a sperm donor in the clinic. I even heard that they provide a combination. In case IVF doesn`t work it`s possible to transfer to surrogacy without losing money. We had DNA test done in the clinic. It took about 2 weeks. Unfortunately I don`t remember exactly. Of course all the tests are done there. If you are interested you may visit their website. Or I may give the contacts of my coordinator if you want. Hope my information was useful. Best regards)))

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    I think you dreamed up everything! Your husband just care about your child. That's why he pays attention to SM. But if you feel like he's paying too much attention to her and he forgets about you sometimes, you should tell him that. I actually don't understand you girls! You complicate everything and create something,which is not real, in your heads) Why go far, I have my wife here, who is already jealous! We are going to visit Ukrainian clinic for surrogacy. And recently she told me as a joke, that I will fall for our SM and I won't need her anymore. I was like «Whaaat???» Yes, that was like a simple joke, but I understand that she had been actually thinking about it. Everybody knows that Ukrainian women are very beautiful. But for me there are nobody, who is more beautiful, than my wife. I love her and all this surrogacy issue is just for us,for OUR happiness. So I explained everything to my dear wife and I really hope she won't worry about it anymore.

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    As a woman I understand your feelings. I can't say I was so much jealous. I understood that my dh just want to care about our baby. We had surrogacy in Ukraine. Everyone knows that Ukrainian women are very beautiful. So there were not only our surrogate mom I was jealous about) I saw that sparkles in his eyes lol He was looking at them with admiration. But I tried to calm myself. He's a man and all of them look at other women) You shouldn't make problem about it. But if you feel discomfort about this situation, which drives you crazy, tell him. I'm sure he'll find right words and take your opinion in his consideration!

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    That's why we chose the clinic abroad. And our surrogate mother lived in another country. Therefore, I was able to avoid such problems. But, I understand you and support you. I hope your situation has already been resolved. And now you can enjoy motherhood without the presence of a surrogate mother in your life. But, you have experienced a very difficult situation. And I think that every woman, finding in your situation, would also be jealous of her husband. For example, I'm always jealous of my husband. Fortunately, this did not apply to the surrogate mother. But, it seems to me that your husband showed interest and attention not to that woman, but to your future child. He wanted to take care of the child. And at that time it was impossible to do without showing concern for the surrogate mother. It seems to me that your husband was so pleased with the soon appearance of the baby that he did not even think that he was showing excessive concern. Therefore, I hope that your family is together. I hope that now you have forgotten about this problem. I wish you happiness and family warmth and well-being.

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