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Surrogacy in Mexico

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeoNore View Post
    Hi! As I know Mexico is banned for foreigners. And I guess it is for the best. I have read many reviews and articles. It is so frightening when people use tragedy of someone to earn money. I think such countries as Mexico, India and Thailand are too dirty to plan a child there. And really there are European countries which offer surrogacy for reasonable prices.
    I didn't know that Mexico is also banned for foreigners. I think that's so right they've done this. Fully agree with you. There are many countries with more convenient services and prices. So many people had already suffered because of negligence of mexicans. I don't think such rag-tag as mexicans, indians and asians can help infertility couples like us. Such dirty nations only use our problems and earn money for nothing. There are so many stories in the Internet of poor couples who made the mistake and went there in hope to complete their families.

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    Hello anjalisundar, unfortunately I can not advise you any agencies in Mexico. We were in India and in Ukraine. In Ukraine, we were in the same place as Claritt in biotex. We also have unlimited attempts until there were positive result. I mean that we also paid a VIP package. But, there is still a standard package - it costs less. And there Economy package - it even cheaper. But, we were there a few years ago. Therefore, I'm not sure that this information is still relevant. Perhaps the price is already higher and maybe in some packages have changed.

    And dear Claritt, as far as I know, since this year, India has banned foreigners from using the services of local surrogate mothers. The reason for the ban is the frequent exploitation of women from poor families. And I think that's right. Because we also had a negative experience of getting medical services in India, so.....

    LeoNore, i completely agree with you, but, as far as I know, in Thailand often went gay couples. I know that before 2015 surrogacy for gays were allowed in Thailand. But, now it's already banned, unless of course I'm not mistaken.

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