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* Success Story!* 39 and our twins are about to arrive!

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    * Success Story!* 39 and our twins are about to arrive!


    Throughout our journey of RPL (4 losses) and then trying IVF with PGD, I have sought some encouragement and information many, many times on this forums and others. If you are ready to throw in the towel, I hope that our story of SUCCESS helps.

    Over a course of about 6 years TTC (or, TT-carry-a-pregnancy), we had 4 somewhat unexplained miscarriages - seemingly random genetic anomalies, but no real answers. When I hit 38 the doctor said that he'd recommened IVF with PGD in order ot try to select genetically viable embryos. So, we went through the FUN experience that you all know so well... after some waiting and treatment for ovarian cysts, finally on the first cycle we had 13 mature embryos ready to retrieve.

    Then came the Egg Retrieval From Hell. I was one of the unlucky few who had uncontrolled internal bleeding after ER. Seven hours after my retrieval, I was in the hospital in a mind-blowing amount of pain, bring prepped for emergency surgery, and signing a consent form stating that the doctors might have to remove my ovaries and who knows what else. My entire body cavity filled with blood, my lungs collapsed, I received a transfusion for more than half of the blood in my body, and the tracheotomy paralyzed half of my vocal cords, but I got through it with all of my 'parts'.

    After this experience, I was terrified - first off - that we wouldn't have any viable embies - but, thankfully, we had 2 out of 13 come back as "OK" from the PGD lab. Then, the anxiety that after all of this , the FET would fail and I'd be trying another cycle, with the horror of another ER looming before us.

    So, in went the only 2 good embies. What a long, long 2ww. To my shock, the first couple of betas came back "off the charts"... because... its B/G twins! After RPL, it was still a nerve-wracking ordeal to go in for the ultrasounds every few weeks and wait to see if there would be one, two, or zero heartbeats. Finally, we are at 35 WEEKS with 2 healthy babies kicking away and about to show up any day.

    Moral: It IS worth it. Keep the faith. IVF is so, so difficult. Anyone who says it's not hasn't done it. We only did one cycle and I thought it was hard.. my heart goes out to the veterans of multiple cycles. Wishing everyone success out there - maybe this will give some hope to just one IVFer whose success story is still in the making.

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    Thank you so much for sharing!! I can relate to you as well in some ways. I truly hope someone will see my signature and see that not giving up no matter how much you think you should could possibly pay off in the end. After many failed IUI's and 5 Egg Retrievals - one with PGD we still did not have a baby. A few chemicals and a blighted ovum. Then, one vacation later, pregnant! The first time in my life after over a decade of trying, heartache, adoption, and so forth. I'm not saying it WILL happen, but im saying keep going until you just cannot anymore.
    Me-36 (endo 2002), DH-42 (perfect)
    DS (adopted 2004)
    Many IUI- bfn

    IVF#1-4 (2 bfn's 2 chemical's)
    IVF#5 13 ret, 12 mat, 11 fert, 8 biopsy'd = 6 normal frozen for FET
    May 13 FET-BFP- m/c @ 6 weeks
    Sept 13- FET in Oct. cancelled due to surprise BFP!!
    EDD 5/25/2014 (c-section sch. 5/8/14) It's a BOY

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    twinsies, congrats on the upcoming birth of your miracle boy/girl twins. Your story is amazing and I'm so glad you shared it with us.

    BC-Faith32, congrats hun on your pregnancy. Many positive thoughts and sticky vibes for a happy and healthy pregnancy!

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    Such stories inspire me so much!!! I hope my story also can help people not to afraid and try their luck! I hadn’t even 1% possibility to conceive a baby(( It’s because of my uterus. From the beginning I know about the end(( But I didn’t give up, mostly due to my husband. It is a big tragedy of my life that I couldn’t bear my child, touch my belly and feel the kicks, care my baby… But Today with the help of surrogacy I am happy mom, I have amazing healthy active daughter, I am really very happy. So, girls, be brave and fight for your happiness! I was also in biotexcom clinic for surrogacy program. And I am very satisfied with final result! I am a mom of healthy active daughter) I paid 30 k euro for economy package and got accommodation, food supply, transportation in Kyiv and the most important unlimited attempts! All of it I received without help of agency which offers it for extra fees.

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