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step-parenting and adoption

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    step-parenting and adoption

    Did anyone who is a step-parent also adopt another child into their family? I was considering adoption but I am afraid that I might not be able to bond with an adopted child. I used to think I would be able to but my relationship with my ss has caused me to wonder. I definitely do not feel like he is my own child at all. I am wondering if there is anyone who did not feel like they loved their step-children as their own but then adopted and felt as though their adopted children were their own.

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    I do not know of anyone in your exact situation, but have numerous friends who WERE adopted and many who HAVE adopted. I have a big family (30+ first cousins) and several of them were adopted. In every, single case the relationship with the parents has been wonderful. I have two close friends who adopted from Russia, another adopted from Korea and another adopted three children from foster care. All of the kids came from less than ideal situations, but all have flourished and have very strong bonds with their parents. In fact, my sister is law was adopted from Korea. Her relationshiop with her parents is equal to that of her biological siblings...fantastic! Having said that, I also know many people with step children and most of those relationships are very good, but I know all of them would say they are simply different. Best of luck to you.

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    I am a stepmom of 3 an my husband did adopt a 4 or old boy. He's 4 an Irish.

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    I hear it depends on the child and parent. I have a hard time connecting with my DD, but my DS is my mini-me. We had a FS (foster) that DH and I both fell in love with. So did his teacher. But not necessarily other foster parents. Wishing you well for your decision.

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