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Please help

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    Please help

    My son didn't try very hard in 7th grade, and of course got bad grades, which led him to failing 3 subjects. We were given the option: Summer school for $400 for 1 of the subjects(math) or repeat 7th grade. So, we paid the money and for 5 weeks, woke up early every morning and went to school. He got a 79 the first grading period, and after that they stopped sending them. Finally, I get the thing and found out his final grade was a 63. Now, schedules are out, and it shows him in 7th grade. He was extremely upset that all his friends are moving on, and then next year when he goes to 8th grade, they're all going to the high school. And, when they graduate, he will be left behind. I feel really bad for him. What can I do? I know he can do much better, and he promised me he'd try this year. What are my options as a parent? He passed the rest of his classes, so he'd just be repeating the whole grade just to retake those few. I would like him to go to eighth grade. What are my options as a parent? I haven't talked to the school yet, but can I just say I don't want him held back? Please help

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    So much of education is school district dependent. I recommend calling the school and speaking with the school counselor to see what he/she recommends.

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    One option as a parent is to make an appointment with the school counselor to discuss your child’s situation. Each school district has grading policies in place. I would ask the counselor to show you the policies and help you with a plan to get your son back on track. Good luck to you and I hope your son has a great school year!

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