Hi everyone.

I am 36 and have been married for nearly 7 years. For the last 2.5 years (it took me that long to persuade him), OH and I have been trying to conceive.

After investigations, OH got full marks for his sperm and after an internal ultrasound, I was told I had plenty of egg reserve and my uterus looked fine, but I likely had polycystic ovaries.

I underwent a HyCoSy, where my tubes did not allow any dye through at all. So I was referred to surgery for investigative laparoscopy.

Three months later, I underwent the surgery which was complicated in that they found a lot of adhesions probably caused by a past pelvic inflammation. This was likely caused by chlamydia which I had caught from an ex boyfriend and had treated 15 years previously. The conclusion was bilateral hydrosalpynx (basically my tubes are all stuck together and useless).

After another long 3 month wait, I had a follow up consultation, where I was told that in order to have IVF (my only chance of conception), I would have to have my tubes removed or clipped, so that they were no longer attached to my uterus. Hydrosalpynx can leak into the womb and cause miscarriage. I was put on the list for that surgery and 5 months later, yesterday, I had that surgery.

My tubes were clipped, due to them being coiled up and adhered to my ovaries. The ovaries were barely visible because of the mess that is inside my abdomen.

I am now waiting (again) for my follow up consultation that is on 28th August. I hope this is where I will finally be able to start on my IVF journey. I am now really worried that they won’t be able to retrieve eggs because of all the adhesions. The not knowing, waiting and being drip fed information is really talking its toll on me.

I would love to hear from anyone who has been through/is going through something similar.

Thanks for reading


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