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New to here - feeling hopeless

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    Hi, girls! All of you have hopes to have babies. I hadn’t even 1% possibility to conceive a baby(( It’s because of my uterus. From the beginning I know about the end(( But I didn’t give up, mostly due to my husband. It is a big tragedy of my life that I couldn’t bear my child, touch my belly and feel the kicks, care my baby… But Today with the help of surrogacy I am happy mom, I have amazing healthy active daughter, I am really very happy. So, girls, be brave and fight for your happiness! There are a lot of option you can try, I mean ivf and also ED. I am like Marty also was in Biotexcom. It is good clinic with the best offers and high success rate. I don’t know about ivf with your own eggs, but they do programs of ED.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marty123 View Post
    Hello, dear kdewit! firstly, let me give you a strong hug. As this all is VERY tough, I know it myself and probably thousands of women here. You should know you aren't alone with your problem, here are lots of understanding people. So welcome to the crowd, dear.
    I can't agree with you on the point God punishes you in such a way. I'm convinced he gives us this challenge to learn how to survive, to get to know how the people around you are, to take lessons from everything to become devoting, extremely loving parents in future. So you shouldn't think this is forever. Moreover never let such thoughts come to your head. Take this like you simply need a little bit more time.. This is the way I'm taking things now and believe me it really helps!
    We're currently passing our DE IVF treatment in Biotexcom, Ukraine. Have so much hope for this time
    I've also got some thoughts as for your situation. They say you're in the case of unexplained infertility. Is this 100% verdict?? I know this commonly happens to women. But as far as we're staying in Biotexcom we've experienced the following thing. A couple once having come to them with unexplained infertility went on being diagnosed on absolutely clear disease. So further they've got a treatment plan due to their new diagnosis!!
    Here I just wanna say, if you aren't satisfied with what your doc says, or you just doubt something, find another expert. Get the 2nd and 3rd point of view if necessary. Believe me, your being under 30 yo mustn't be the reason for your turning away with such undistinguished results!!
    Any way, whatever you decide, I wish you all the best of luck. Take good care and feel free to chat whenever you'd like to
    Hello Marty, I hope that everything turned out all right for you? Was your trip to Ukraine and biotexcom successful? We also were there a few years ago. And now our friends have gone there - a married couple. The wife is 39 years old, and her husband is 35 years old, they really want a child. And we advised them to go to this clinic. They want to use the service of a surrogacy.
    Since IVF did not give them proper results.
    Therefore, for them this is the only way out now ....
    Yes, they, of course, thought about adoption ...
    But, I think that they are still young enough and can have their children.
    They were already at the initial consultation and were satisfied. They have not decided on the package yet. But, I hope that soon my friend will be more happy when the whole process begins.
    Because, lately she felt so depressed.
    We did not know how to help her.
    It seems to me that she lost interest in life.
    But, still I'm glad that they went to the clinic and this gave her faith in the future.
    She began to make plans for the future and to believe in the best.

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    Currently I am pregnant. I believe "Get pregnant fertility tea" by secrets of tea really helped. I was not getting pregnant even I was married for 5 years. I was told this tea would take 3 to 6 months to work but right after one month drinking this stuff I was pregnant.

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    jennywest224- amazing news, congrats!
    ME - 36, DH - 45
    IVF #1 - 2017, BFN, no implantation
    IVF #2 - 2017, BFN
    changed clinics, 1st consulting - Gdansk, Poland

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