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This baby is sucking my brain!

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    This baby is sucking my brain!

    LOL I'm so scatterbrained lately! Especially the last few days.. First Wednesday I go to wash dishes.. PUt the plug in the sink, soap in, turn the water on and go to put a load of laundry in.. well usually I can get a load out of the dryer, another load in the washer and then start to do dishes and the water will be to a perfect level.. for some reason this day I just forgot all about it.. Went on about my day, started folding clothes, then started something else.. then I hear my 5 year old son say
    " momma! I turned off the water for you, it was overflowing!" If my ds hadn't shut the water off when he did I would have had a flood in there!

    Then Yesterday all sorts of things happened... for the last 3 or 4 days we've been smelling something AWFUL in our house.. like something was dead.. a few months ago my dh took some side boards off our house ( near the roof) because they were rotten.. He replaced them about a month ago.. Well we kept thinking a squirrel or something must've gotten up there and died so he crawled up in the attic and searched.. nothing.. Then we thought well maybe a mouse had gotten behind the stove but I hadn't seen a mouse in a long time.. But the smell was mainly coming from the kitchen area but when we went to searching behind stuff, under the counters, etc.. the smell went away.. it was only up high ( like something was in the attic) so DH AGAIN went up in the attic and searched like a mad man.. found nothing AGAIN.. Finally we discovered the smell was coming from on TOP of the fridge so Dh reaches up and swipes everything off the fridge.. you'll never believe what was up there.. a thawed ( on it's way to rotten) package of chicken fillets.. that I put up there more than a month ago..Don't ask me WHY I put them there but I'm the only person who could have put it there. DH doesn't like chicken, and DS can't reach up there, so I had to have been the one to do it.. strangely enough I don't remember doing it..

    okay and then yesterday at DS's t-ball practice dh and I went in two different cars.. I couldn't find a parking space so I pulled up to Dh and asked him to find one for me.. So after the game he goes to get snowcones for all the kids and I go to put the stuff in the car only I can't remember where I parked it! so here I am wandering all over the place trying to figure out where I parked the car.. then suddenly I remember Oh yeah Dh parked it! But I couldn't remember where he said he parked it so I asked another guy from our team " where did dh say he parked our car? " lol he laughed and said " it's right there" then in the same sentence I reach down to get my keys and say " oh no! I think I locked my keys in the car!" and the guys says " Crystal, Jamie parked the car, remember? he has the keys!" I felt SOOOOOOOO stupid.

    Finally get that mess straight in my head then go to get in the car to come home and I sneeze and then pee on myself.. it's a good thing I was going home!

    Please tell me you guys have had some " dumb" moments lately so I don't feel so bad? LOL

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    My life is a big "dumb moment" lately. First of all, the sneezing stuff....always peeing myself. I am always forgetting where I have put things, what I am doing, etc. You are definitely not alone.

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    Wow, and I thought it was just me! mine has been going on but the latest is the aweful smell i kept smelling from my car!!! I cleaned it all out and still found nothing, i had thought dd left something in back but found nothing. finally i decided to check (and clean out ) the trunk and dh was there joking about the eggs i bought a month ago that i accused him of somehow losing from the car to the house and i checked several times by the way... well obviously not. because as i was pullin gout my dd softball stuff, dh said look babe, here are those eggs! OMG did they stink! I was so embarrassed and needless to say we had people over later and i never heard the end of it! and a few months ago i put the phone in the fridge, and a month ago when i went to my OB appt i went into the bathroom for usual urine sample, and sat my water bottle on the sink, well after i washed my hands and dried them i grabbed the handsoap and walked out, ( I really meant to grab the water, lol) and on another day i came home for lunch and wanted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and made it and went to get back in my car for work with all my stuff in my hands and started the car and realized i brought the jelly with me! i just say i must have one smart baby because he took all my braincells!! And i really did feel dumb when all these things happened but now i just keep laughing about them because they are funny and somehow i know that they will just keep happening!!
    me30/dh34 dd 5/12/93 1ectopic -2/04 3 m/c 2/92,9/96 /2/99
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    Now Crystal, you know that you loose 1/2 your brain with the placenta right. So those of us who've already got chn haven't got that much left to loose. Don't worry, I'm right there with you
    And I've had the occassional sneeze & leak too
    Mummy to my 3 miracles:
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    thank you for this post, Chrystal!!!

    I am right there with you all as well My memory is shot, truly, a siff would hold more, and my focus and concentration are as well.

    Sneezing and leaking indeed, sometimes even laughing and leaking!
    And my fingers must have been dipped in melted butter. I drop everything these days and make the biggest messes! That is no fun at all as it involves lots of extra cleaning.
    I am clunky and disoriented in space too and bump into things.

    I am so happy to be going through all this though! it's miraculous and wonderful! And funny, most of the time!

    Tanja, in the midst of renovating and dropping things all over!
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    Natural miracle Kian Yehuda to be delivered by C-Section on 2-16-2007

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