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Movement questions

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    Movement questions

    Hi I will be 19 weeks as of Thursday and have been feeling the baby move off and on (sort of feels like the baby is turning over, and sometimes I feel random kicks). Some days I feel more then others and some days I feel nothing. Also have any of your dh felt the baby move, my dh hasn't? It would be nice to compare what we are all feeling at this time. If you agree, let us know how far along you are, if your feeling the baby move, and what it feels like and if your dh has felt the baby.

    PS. I have my level II on Friday, so I'm anxious to hear that everything is good with the baby and to find out if we're having a boy or a girl.

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    Hi there, and congratulations!

    I am 19 weeks and 4 days today, but haven't felt a thing yet! The peri last wednesday told me most likely I will not till maybe as late as 22 weeks, as this surviving twin is the one that implanted very low, with the placenta growing in front.
    So, he is kicking the placenta, and not me yet

    I am very curious to start feeling him though! I wonder what it will be like!

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    I'm 18w, 5d & I have been feeling movement for a few weeks now. Mostly it feels like pressure but occassionally I get a gentle kick. My DH has felt it but he knows what he's feeling for too b/c he's been there with our dd.
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    I'm not sure but I feel like I've started to feel a little movement. To me though it feels like wiggling or fluttering.

    I can't wait to feel kicks and until DH can feel something.
    Me (38), DH (39)
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    Tomorrow I'll be 20 weeks. I've felt little flutters for about 4 weeks now, which has been awesome. Lately, I've felt more isolated "thumps" in my stomach. I can point out to DH where they are exactly, but you can't feel them on the outside. He'll have to wait a few more weeks, I'm afraid.
    Me & DH, 47
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