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Tanja Update

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    Tanja Update

    Oh, am I ever exhausted. It's this living in a tension-cramp all the
    Anyway, here is what happened, or rather, did not happen.

    The OB checked for a good fluid pocket around the baby, a good big "safe
    spot" so to speak, but what made things complicated is that my placenta
    is growing in front. So, to find an angle around the placenta to that
    small pocket was looking complicated.
    Also, we discussed again HOW long it had taken to even get to this
    point, all the treatments and miscarriages, and she stopped prepping me and then said:

    "let's not do it today. Let's wait what they see and say in the
    hospital tomorrow on the Level II scan, and maybe have them schedule the
    amnio for right there after with the Perinatologists if they deem the
    results of the scan make it necessary. I just hate to take this risk
    for this baby now."

    Well, we have hated the amnio risk from the get-go as you all know, so
    we agreed. So all now hangs on tomorrow's scan. They will call us
    later this afternoon to see if they even have some room in their schedule (at the hospital) to fit in the Amnio tomorrow if need be. If not tomorrow the OB would try to make them fit us in by end of this week for that at the

    The quick scan she did at the office with the sad ancient machine showed
    no immediate visible gross anomalities she said, but she also said it's
    hard to tell from the way she scans, and tomorrow will be what will
    tell us what is up. By the way, the Children's Hospital in Philly is one
    of the three places in the country that actually does intra-uterine
    surgery on babies with minor to mild Spina Bifida deformations, with
    some nice results. So it may be an option as well, if push comes to
    shove, as we are nice and close to it.

    She then asked if we wanted to know gender, and said see, here are the
    There does not seem to be anything pointy sticking out between them.

    So for now, today, this afternoon and evening, we have a (most likely)
    little Sasja Rebecca Paris. And I want to feel some hours of happiness
    over that, now. I feel we deserve that much at least.
    Tomorrow we may have to give her up again, but this day we do have.

    We leave for the hospital at 8:15 am tomorrow, thank GOD it's early.
    No idea what time they will finally see us and how long we will end up
    having to be there, but we will let everyone know what's up when we get
    Thank you all for the crossed fingers and prayers always.

    Me: 42, DH, Avi: 29. Three
    IVF #2 12/04: Twins. Twin B at 11 weeks, 2 days
    Twin A: Quinlan Nathaniel, 6lbs, 10 oz. , born 08-29-2005 Proud to be AHM!
    Natural miracle Kian Yehuda to be delivered by C-Section on 2-16-2007

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    Blog Entries

    Your OB sounds like a caring person to me. I'm glad that she didn't do the amnio today and that you guys are waiting. My hope is that after the u/s tomorrow, there won't be a need.

    Keep your chin up!

    A girl! That's exciting. I can't wait to find out the sex!

    Good luck sweetie!
    Me (38), DH (39)
    Trevor James b/d 11-28-03 at 21w1d and Shane Thomas b/d 11-29-03 at 21w2d, my angels
    "Sweet Pea" and "Pooh" born 6-13-05 at 24w5d, my miracles
    Countless Clomid & Injectible cycles, 8 IUI's, 2 IVF's, 2 FET's, and three M/C's

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    I'm glad they are looking out for you and understand the long road you've taken to get here.

    Hopefully the scan will be able to tell you some very good things and an amnio tomorrow won't be necessary.

    Let us know...
    Me & DH, 47
    POF, 6 IVF's, 2 m/c, finally successful with DE
    5, twins & 3.5

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    i am praying for you!

    i really hope everything goes fine and that little girl is just perfect.

    please try not to worry! my sil's baby was thought to have problems, but everything turned out fine and he is a perfect little boy!

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