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    Just wanted to check in on you - haven't heard from you since the cerclage. Hope you are feeling well!!
    Me 31, DH 33; Dx: Male Factor
    IVF #1 - BFP!
    DD #1 ~ Ava ~ Born August 22, 2005
    FET #1 - BFP!
    DD #2 ~ Lyla ~ Born April 14, 2008

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    Thanks!! It was so so painful!!! I was not on my feet until 4 days after the procedure. Even then it still hurt just to go to the bathroom.

    I am better now but still not back to normal. My back hurts all the time but my Peri said that my cerclage looks GREAT! So as long as it works I don't care!

    Heather~ CONGRATS ON A GIRL!! I don't care if I am having a girl or a boy so we are not going to find out. I would love another boy and a girl would be great too. Full term is all I really want!! About your cervix... the only signs I had were that I could see my boys heads at around 19 wks pushing out into my belly. Head one and head two were like little bumps and I though it was cute. I told other people and they said they could see a foot or a hand. BUT what they didn't tell me was that they could see that at 35wks not 19. Those were my contractions and I never felt a one!!!!! I was 3cm dilated and having 2cx a minute when I finally went in to the hospital at 22 wks. SO look out for that and have your cx checked every week or two until 28wks and you should be fine. 28wks is the goal for a NICU baby!! But I am sure you will be fine!!

    Thanks for thinking of me!! I am feeling a bit better.

    Me(32) DH(33) Male Factor
    IVF/ICSI #1 Twins born @ 25wks 5days
    Stephen b4/22/02 & Braddock b4/22-d5/20/02
    IVF/ICSI #3 Bennett 8/26/05 7lb 4oz
    IVF/ICSI #4 t/f 3 8 cells on Mar 2 08 BFN
    IVF/ICSI #5 5d t/f of 3, Cerclage IT'S A GIRL!! C-sec Feb 20th

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    Kathryn, wishing you and your little one all the best.


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