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11 wks and not one u/s yet

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    11 wks and not one u/s yet

    Hello Ladies,
    I am new to the pregnancy boards, but I am an old timer to fertile thoughts. We have 3 children and did 5 yrs of treatment before adopting our first son who is now 6 yrs old. Then I concieved our next two children on our own. I found out the 1st of Feb that I was pregnant with baby #4. My other two pregnancies I had tons of u/s in the beginning since of our poor history and infertility treatments. I know I am being stupid, but with this baby I haven't had any u/s's and I am 11 wks. I don't even really feel pregnant (except I need a nap during the day now). The only thing my ob has done is two hcg beta test (at 6 wks) and said the numbers look great don't worry....duh??? Like I am not going to worry? LOL! I guess I am just used to being spoiled and not treated like a "regular" pregger and I am being stupid. But I don't really feel it yet and we haven't even shared the info with any family or friends cause I am not sure what to think. My first ob appointment is Monday morning. Now I know how teenagers that have baby's that never knew they were pregnant do it! LOL! In fact with my first two pregnancies I had horrible morning sickness, but with this one nothing. Course I am in my 30's this go around, so maybe that has something to do with it, don't know. Well, thanks for letting me chat here.
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    i would have gone crazy with no u/s yet... i have had 4 and i am 12w2d... without wanting to jinx myself i would almost tell a litttle fib like some kind of pain or a spot of blood to get them to do one... or at your appt monday tell them you are haing trouble attaching to and loving your baby b/c you haven't seen that it was real (because my first 2 u/s were at 5w and 6w to check viability). that was truly how i felt at my 9 week appt when it was still too early to hear the heart beat and i was having basically no symptoms.. and they did one b/c they felt it was important for the babies growth that i was bonding with it.

    have you ever rented a babybeat to listen to the heartbeat... that made it much more real for my husband and me. at least every morning or before bed i know the baby is A-okay.

    good luck - hope you get to see your little one soon.

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    OB's here don't generally do u/s until 20wk especially if you're a public patient. I had to get my family dr to do an early one. He still believes in treating me as special but I hear ya on OB's that don't If it's any consolation I've had 2 b/c they couldn't find the baby on the first one but no more now until 4/22.
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