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Brrr,  Nuchal tomorrow.. and headaches!

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    Brrr, Nuchal tomorrow.. and headaches!

    Tomorrow is our next appointment at the hospital. This time I know at least one and most likely both still have nice HB's (YAY for the BabyBeat!)

    I will have to try and have a good talk with the Peri about the risks vs. rewards of having the amnios done, which the OB insists we do, due to my age and our previous losses. Avi and I are still on the fence about it. I suppose the nuchal outcome will have to be part of the decision making process.

    So, wish us luck.

    Also, I have been having dreadful headaches the last 5 days. They start vaguely, somewhere late morning, then intensify and last all day and night. Icebags in my neck and on top of my head bring some relief, but not much. Anyone else have this complaint?

    What helps alleviate them?

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    Sorry you are having bad headaches. I've been getting them the last week too but they aren't that bad. I usually take one Tylenol and they go away. I would ask the doctor and see what they say.

    Good luck with the nucal tomorrow. This is one of the things I am going to ask my doctor about next week. I did not have one done with the boys, only the triple screen which came back negative. When I was PG with the boys I had talked to my doctor about the amnio also and we had decided not to do one. For me, I knew I wouldn't terminate anyways. My doctor also told me that the odds of there being something wrong with both babies was so low. So it really seemed like a waste of time and why put myself at risk, even though it is low. Just some things to think about.

    I'm glad the Baby Beat is bringing you some comfort. I'm getting ready to rent one myself, I am so anxious.

    Good luck!
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    We didn't have any testing done with Boo because it wouldn't have made a difference in our course of action. Soooo...I am no help there. Sorry!!!

    However, I wanted to send you a and let you know that you will be in my thoughts.

    Headaches, well I just take Tylenol. Is it possible you have a sinus infection?

    Please let us know how it goes.

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    Good luck tomorrow!

    I was definitely on the fence about the amnio, but the genetic counselors explained everything and put us at ease. When they told us the results, we decided not to do the amnio...which the genetic counselor agreed with.

    As for the headaches...I fought soooo hard not to take Tylenol, but had a doozy that would not go away. Finally took the Tylenol and it was gone within a half hour.

    I've only had one more since...and I completely agree with Rachel - it ended up being a sinus problem. Three days later and I can barely grab a tissue fast enough!

    I'll check on you tomorrow! Enjoy seeing your babies
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    sorry about the headaches - i was getting them alot around 6-7weeks... i did the tylenol thing and sudafed - i think mine were also from being stuffy. I am having my nuchal scan next week - does anyone know if they will look at the whole baby - or just the neck? since it is a better ultrasound to measure the fluid space will we see better pictures of the baby? just wondering. glad everyone is doing well.

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