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What is everyone feeling right now?

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    What is everyone feeling right now?

    I need some reassurance.. Last week from Monday to Wednesday I was so sick.. waking up in the middle of the night puking sick and the rest of the week I was just exhausted.. didn't want to eat.. but wasn't naseous.. noticed this morning my boobs aren't nearly as sore.. just wanting to know what they rest of you are feeling...TIA

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    Physically: still a lot of fatigue, every now and again some slight nausea, a LOT of indigestion, bloating, constipation, no longer sore boobs.

    Mentally: still days where I have to fight off sheer terror at having to face another loss and starting all over again.
    I absolutely still do not dare to believe we actually may have children in 6 or 7 months.
    I'd be counting the hours and worrying about disappearing heartbeats constantly if I would let myself.
    I am really having to work hard at that

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    Physically, I'm still fighting nausea, but only at nighttime. After dinner and until I go to bed. My boobs are still sore especially when I get undressed. Ouch!

    I have ONE MORE SHOT to do tonight. I am so freakin' excited about that. My RE kept me on PIO longer, just in case.

    He did tell me a week ago that we could start making plans for this baby. That was music to my ears. I've never gotten this far before. BUT, I still won't believe it until the baby comes out!
    Me & DH, 47
    POF, 6 IVF's, 2 m/c, finally successful with DE
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    I'm behind most of you but mostly my fatigue hits me at night. I'm usually asleep on the couch by 7 - 7:30 pm and my DH wakes me up for my PIO shot at 10 pm and then off to bed. I have nausea off and on as well but not all the time. I freak out sometimes if I actually feel too good and feel like I could eat a big meal. I'm already getting fat at 8 weeks. If it wasn't for elastic waist pants I would already be in maternity clothes. That part sucks. Oh yeah, and my boobs have gotten huge. They mostly hurt at night when I wake up to go to the bathroom but are a little sore all the time. I too am extremely constipated and have indigestion mostly at night. Other than that, nothing like when I was PG with the boys as far as cramping and growing pains in the uterus. This upsets me and makes me worried that the babies have died. I do get some round ligament pain occassionally like if I sneeze or get up off the couch wrong or something like that.

    I can hardly wait until March 1st when I can see them again on u/s and know that everthing is okay. I don't worry about vanishing twin so much because what ever will be will be but I do worry about losing them both. That is partly because I know that it would be better for me to be PG with a singleton. I hope that doesn't offend anyone. I would have been devastated when I was PG with the boys if something had happened to one of them. I think I'm just having a hard time letting myself get attached at this early stage because of my history.

    Okay, I'm going to stop rambling now...
    Me (38), DH (39)
    Trevor James b/d 11-28-03 at 21w1d and Shane Thomas b/d 11-29-03 at 21w2d, my angels
    "Sweet Pea" and "Pooh" born 6-13-05 at 24w5d, my miracles
    Countless Clomid & Injectible cycles, 8 IUI's, 2 IVF's, 2 FET's, and three M/C's

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    I am well. Nausea on and off. I was NEVER sick with Boo so this is new to me. My boobs don't hurt as badly but I am still VERY tired all the time.

    Most of my clothes aren't fitting comfortably anymore. I spend most of my day in jammies or sweats. SEXY!!! lol I was in maternity clothes at 13 weeks with Boo (for comfort) but I don't know if I will make it that long with this munchkin. I, already, had a tummy this time because I never regained my muscle tone. So, this munchkin is pushing my fat out further and further. lol It isn't a pretty sight.

    for you all!!!

    Myra, a special for you sweetie. I do NOT think that what you are feeling is wrong or abnormal at all. The human mind and heart can only take so much and it is natural to try and protect yourself. You have experienced trauma that no mom should have to go thru. Don't feel bad for anything that you are or aren't feeling.

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    Hi Crystal! I just told my husband last night that I don't feel PG anymore. My breasts aren't as sore and since I've yet to have morning sickness, I wonder how everything is going on in there. I have those same worries, I'm sorry I don't have any good advice, but hang in there... that's all we can do. Take care!
    Age: 30
    + hpt 1/11/04, on a rest cycle!
    RE appt for bw & u/s 1/12/05
    RE appt for u/s 1/27/05
    US for bleeding 2/24/05; Partial Placenta Previa

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