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    Amy's :)

    Hi there!

    Since you asked.....Hayden is great!! He is just growing up so darn fast. I can't believe how much he has changed recently. He is getting to be such a big boy. He is really enjoying school, finally! He gave me a day or two here and there that he just didn't want to go. He even tried telling me he was sick We seemed to have moved through that and he is doing better now. They are learning a ton, he has made all kinds of new friends and seems to be enjoying his independence. They will do Kindegarden readiness this spring and let us know if they think he should do 1 more year of Pre-School or move along. He will be 5 in July but it's VERY common here for boys to not start Kindegarted until they are 6 and 6 1/2. I think some boys need the catching up time. Hayden has an amazing imagination and loves pretend/fairy tale stuff. He does not like organized teaching time which I think may keep him where he is for another year. I guess he has better things to do He probably should be in a Waldorf School but I couldn't convince Loni to do it. Montessori was a stretch for her as it is.

    Christmas was a blast for him. We just finished up opening gifts this weekend. He opens 1 present and has to play with it for hours. We don't push is so it takes him a long time. We had lots of friends and family around so it was nice, warm and cozy! We took down all the stuff this weekend and now I'm feeling like I need to spring clean the house and stuff that we have been stashing needs to be organized and dealt with. I think the normal stuff in any new year. Then again, we live in Washington and the rain and gray days are getting to me. I feel tired, lazy and not really motivated to do those things. Pretty normal for me until about April when it starts to get a little lighter and the rain lets up. I swear it looks like twilight all day long.

    I'm starting to think that I would like to get a job, preferably at his school if he is going to start Kindegarten. Not anything full time, just the hours and days that he is in school. Of course working at St. Patrick's would be best because I would have all the same days off and stuff like that. I'm not a teacher though so it would have to be some kind of non-teaching position. How many of those could there be? We'll see. I just would be so bored at home all the time without him here and it looks more and more like another child is not in our future. Besides, tuition for private catholic school just goes up and up and money is not endless at our house

    I have a headache today. I need to get Hayden out of the bathtub. How's your munchkins!!??

    Proud SAHM to Hayden 4 years old!!

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    Hi Heather

    Didn't know if this was directed at a particular Amy, or just any Amy, so I'm barging

    THere's TONS of non-teaching positions, or positions where you don't have to have a teaching degree. My mom has been a volunteer aide for YEARS at various schools in the cities where she has lived. There's office stuff that needs to be done. My gma used to be a monitor in the cafeteria after she retired from her regular job. Is there a PTA? That takes a ton of time, too. ORganizing, fundraising etc.

    Sounds like Hayden is doing wonderfully.

    I don't know Hayden, obviously, but if he turns 5 in July and Kindergarten starts in August..he would be a VERY young 5 for kindergarten. I wouldn't start my boy (or probably my girl) at that young of 5. I know my DS will be 5 1/2 when he can technically start Kindergarten. I know he is smart as a whip, but I might keep him back. On the other hand, he's in montessori now and this school goes through 6th grade, so I might not even have to worry about it. He'll move at his own pace.

    DS is doing ok. He's having a VERY difficult time dealing with DP being gone 30-40 days at a time. usually the weekend after she leaves is HECK and I need reserves to deal with him. But then the weekend passes, school starts again and he's ok until she comes home.

    DD is well. It's so fun to see the polar opposites of boys v girls and 1st kids v 2nd kids. I LOVE GIRLS. She is SO easy. Amuses herself, and like her brother, smart as a whip, but in a very different way. She's easily distracted out of a temper tantrum, yes she's starting those at 16 mos. SHe's starting to hold her own with her big brothers which isn't going over well. When she fights back or doesn't let him have his way BIG BROTHER comes to me complaining.

    But overall..I think they're going to be best of friends...someday. I may not live to see that day, but it will happen :-)

    Gotta go...DD is napping and laundry awaits...again


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