Hey gals!

Sorry I've been away so long. Anxiety has kept me VERY busy regarding sending Hayden to pre-school this fall. The countdown is on. Only 3 more weeks This is very difficult for me. I think we've left Hayden maybe 9 times his whole life to go to dinner or a movie. He's 4 now. I'm sure I will survive...

Hayden is FABULOUS as always. He started writing his name and is getting all the letters down now. Shapes and colors came awhile back but it's just amazing to me how much he is learning. Amazing that I've tought him all of those things. 4 is a darling age. Actually, every age has been dear to me. He is just so much fun right now. He teases and playes games with us now. A barrel of laughter all day long. He is really mild tempered, gentle, kind and loving. He is into nature....animals and plant life. Everything is alive and has a heart to him. His feelings are hurt easily and he is not any kind of fighter. That is the part that worries me about school. Someone may squash his beautiful spirit. Kind of a little hippy if you will. My mother says that it's the Leo in him.

The summer has been great. Nice weather. A few trips here and there. Hayden's Birthday was in July. Projects around the house. Just normal busy stuff I guess. Busy enough to keep me off the internet for most of the time.

Obviously back again at it though as we are starting our adoption stuff. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I talked to the head of adoptions at the court here today, a dear friend of Loni's. She just filters information. Lots of information and phone numbers is what she really had for me. Now I'm on line trying to make sense of some of it. JoAnn....we are in Puyallup Washington. About 30 miles south of Seattle. I did call one agency that apparently adopts to a lot of same sex couples. They have some kind of orientation 9/12 in the evening that we can go to. We are not interested in foster/adopt. Jonie, the one at the court confirmed that today. The state's main goal is to get those kids with their parents. We are not willing to bring another child into the house that we would all get attached to and have them taken away. She also said that as the foster parent, you have to aid in that process and take the child to visitations etc., all to have them re-united with their parents. Whether the state thinks it will work out or not....NO WAY!!!

Anyhoo....I better get to it. Donestics are calling.