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I'm out...at least until Christmas is over!

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    I'm out...at least until Christmas is over!

    Hey girls!!

    I wanted to wish everyone Happy Holidays!! I'm outta here until Christmas is over. No. Not that we are headed any place, just too busy to get on the computer and since I know now that all of my packages have arrived at their destinations, there is nothing making me do it We will head over to Loni's (DP's) sisters Christmas eve and have a quiet Christmas day at home. I refuse to pack up Hayden and make him leave all of his new found treasures, if they want to visit, they can come here!! And, I also will only brush my teeth that day and wear my p.j's all day long. Ahhhhh....I love Christmas. I did get a turkey dinner to make that day. Loni is off all next week which will make it even more fun!! So, I'm excited to watch Hayden. He TOTALLY get's Christmas this year and is eagerly awaiting Santa's visit. We made cookies today and he would not eat even one. We have to leave them for Santa he kept saying! He is so cute. I love him more and more each day!!

    Anyway, enjoy everyone! Whatever you are doing!
    Proud SAHM to Hayden 3 years old!!
    Proud SAHM to 18 month old Hayden!
    TTC #2 July 2004...our first FET

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    Happy Holidays

    We just finished our cookies for Santa -- Both Sugar with icing and chocolate chip just in case Santa likes both

    We are off to bed so we don't miss Santa

    We are home this year with a 4yr DD and newborn so no big family christmas.
    Normally we do DPs family which is more that 50 people but this year we decided to avoid the germs.
    DD - Dec 19, 2001

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    Merry christmas to everyone. We are at my parent's- family week-end.

    Caileigh loves allthe attention. She is the only youngster and is loved by all.

    Eskie how is Elijah settling in? I agree about the germs avoidance.

    Take care and all the best to everyone.

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    and now that xmas is over...how did everyone do?

    Ethan is not quite 3 and so maybe that's a little too young still. He got all hyped up about Santa, but xmas a.m. he looked at the loot under the tree and turned around and looked out the window...he totally was NOT into it. I was actually disappointed!

    Maybe next year.

    Oh, and we were all sick...I got it from a friend of mine...and passed it on to the baby and Ethan and DP...luckily DP works out of the home so she got it minimally.

    But it's over. Thank goodness! Now we can all get back into schedules and order.


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