So, my lining was a 6 when she said she expected it to be 4 and still be right on track. She said that she was not even going to draw my estrogen level anymore since the medicine seems to be working on my lining. Sounds like we are all set for the 18th of October for the transfer. They upped my Estrogen today, double what I have been taking. Then in 2 days it will double again and 2 days after that once again. My face looks like I'm just entering puberty!! All broken out and I noticed this morning that I have had to wash my hair 3 days in a row because it looked so oily. I usually only wash my hair every other day and it really doesn't look like it needs it then so, the estrogen is making me oily!!

I'm REALLY happy to hear tha the meds were working, that she wasn't going to draw that bloodwork anymore and that things look better than normal. I don't have fertility coverage with my insurance any longer. When we decided I would stay home during my pregnancy and then be a full time mom once we had our son I lost that part of it. I cannot be on DP's isurance as they don't recognize same sex couples...blah blah blah!! So, I'm really crossing my fingers that this all works out well. This may be the only chance we get for a bio sibling for Hayden, at least in the forseeable future!! IVF is SOOOO expensive especially without any kind of insurance. I do have Hayden to relish in though. I try to keep remembering, whatever happens, there are some people in the world that are never given the oportunity to have what we do and we are so very blessed. Then again, he will have a sibling!!! Biologically or not!!!

O'kay. I will update some more on Tuesday after another appt.
Take care!!