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Question of the week - male role models

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    Question of the week - male role models

    As we start thinking of returning to our "normal" lives in the US.. We have been thinking about how to get a consistent male role model into Mia's life. Not just incidentally - but someone who would actively develop a special realtionship with Mia.

    Are any of you thinking about that? Do you think its important? How structured are you trying to be?

    Looking forward to your responses!

    Mom to Mia
    born Guatemala 4/2/2000
    home to Boston 7/5/2001

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    Hi Amy

    We have Mandi's brother that is the best role model one could ask for. He is a wonderful man, He is a man's man but then very sensitive and loving. He absolutely adores Gatton. His wife gave birth to their first daughter on Sat so now he also will understand Gatton from a father's eyes. ya know?
    He visits Gatton about 4 or more times a week. His work is located about 5 blocks from where we live so for lunch hours and anytime he can find he is over at the house with Gatton during the day. (he is a supervisor of a cable company and he gets away from the office A LOT. )

    I think it is important for children to have role models and adults in their lives of both gender and ages. I believe it helps them become well rounded adults.

    Mommy to Gatton 9/20/04

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    Oh man, I saw this post title on "View New Posts" and clicked it because I thought it read "Question of the week - Male Models"

    Never mind, I'll slink away quietly now...
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    We have a number of male role models for Benji. Some are older and may not be around to see him become a man. His great uncle is very involved and adores him. He sees him around twice a month. My partner's nephews and brother in law also feel a strong connection to him. We also have a number of gay male friends.
    I guess in a nut shell we don't have a single man in the "fathering" role, but a number of male adults who serve as role models. I am thinking that as he grows older that he will connect with one special man...at least I hope so. He really does seem to know the difference between men and women already and he does connect with men in a different way...it's interesting.
    Well, I'm rambling...it's a good question.


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