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What does PUPO mean?

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    What does PUPO mean?

    PUPO, or pregnant until proven otherwise, is the period between (typically) fertility treatment, IUI, IVF, or FET and your pregnancy test beta hCG. This period of time is often referred to as the 2 week wait (2ww), but because you would suspect you are pregnant after fertility treatment or well timed intercourse, we like to say PUPO. It is a positive and hopeful way of dealing with the 2ww.

    So feel free to provide tips, symptoms that lead you to believe you are PUPO, and other anecdotes. Congratulations on being PUPO!
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    Tired of this waiting game!!
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    Love the title - Until Proven Otherwise !! Hope to join this club sometime.....

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    PUPO – yeah, seems more positive than 2WW. Biggest stress relieving thing you can do during this period, is talking with a people going through same stage and for this part, this forum deserves the big hug.

    My only advice for PUPOs (especially those who are ttc naturally) – Go easy on hpt’s. Don’t test too early in the hope of getting positive (chances are pretty slim!!). This will help you to avoid disappointment and unnecessary stress. I knew, few who literally spend hundreds of dollars on those things. At-least let the week pass. If you aren’t pregnant, your period will probably come in that time and you will save yourself the agony of taking the test, waiting and seeing yet another single line. If you are indeed pregnant, you will definitely see BFP by this time.
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    Stretch marks

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    Hello all-

    I am PUPO awaiting my confirmed Beta in two weeks. The symptoms that I am experiencing are dull back pain due to laying on my back and twitches in my uterus. It feels like it is spasming, but no pain, tender breast likely from the PIO and estrace. I'm going to try and not to take any HPT's during this 2WW. Good luck everyone!!
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