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All about BETA / HCG test results in multiple pregnancies!

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    Daymon...I hope Baby B goes from strength to strength, miracles do happen and Drs sometimes are not Gods. Please keep positive and what will be will be.

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    Just a follow up, we had an ultrasound a few days ago (9w2d) which confirmed that we lost Baby B. We are grateful for our one healthy baby who is due Feb 14. Love to all of you!
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    hey everyone, not sure if this thread is still active, but i'm losing my mind waiting for my first u/s on 12/12. i’m newly pregnant & find my #s to be a bit confusing. this pregnancy comes as a (happy!) surprise, after a history of infertility & miscarriage. a little background: i’ve previously done 4 IVFs (with the second IVF resulting in my 4-year old son) & then had a spontaneous natural pregnancy after my last failed IVF, which unfortunately ended in m/c at 7 weeks (d&c testing confirmed trisomy 16), & then b/c i was able to conceive on my own, my RE agreed to 4 injectable IUI cycles before revisiting IVF — & the third cycle resulted in my 19-month old daughter.

    i wasn’t tracking this cycle, but my husband & i had unprotected sex on 11/4 & 11/5, with the first day of my LMP on 10/24 (most times my cycle comes every 29-30 days, on or around the 24th). i just felt “off” & tested the evening of 11/15 & got a faint (but clearly visible with color… not like a “shine a flashlight behind & use crazy squinty eyes”) bfp on a FRER. the lines have continued to get darker (test line got slightly darker than control on 11/22 & significantly darker on 11/24) & my betas thus far have been as follows:

    first beta: 11/18 (9:00am) — hcg: 44, progesterone 12.8
    second beta: 11/20 (1:00pm) — hcg: 98
    third beta: 11/27 (9:30am) — hcg: 2,637

    i’m puzzled because the doubling time between the first and second beta seems consistent with a singleton (roughly 41 hours), but then it really picks up between the second & third (to roughly 34 hours)… & everything i’m finding online is about the doubling time slowing down, but i can’t find anything about them speeding up. a few other things possibly worth mentioning: my paternal grandmother had fraternal twins, i’m 36 (but was originally diagnosed with premature ovarian failure at 31 & told that my levels were on par with someone +/- 10 years my senior), i’m 5’7″ & my BMI is 36, & i’m still breastfeeding my daughter. i’m guessing i ovulated on or around 11/7, which puts me at 20dpo when that third beta was drawn -- & i can’t help but think that number is a little high. i will be beyond shocked if i somehow conceived twins naturally after everything we’ve been through. would love to hear thoughts if anyone is still checking this thread! thanks!

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    You probably already have your answer through an ultrasound, but with my youngest (a singleton) her doubling time sped up as well and I got super freaked out that I was having twins (again!). Luckily for me it was just her in there. Keep us updated!
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    I have a long three week wait until my first ultrasound. Here are my numbers so far

    12dpo: HCG 404 Progesterone 33
    16dpo: HCG 1650

    These are higher than my numbers in the past (HCG 17dpo = 331; HCG 19dpo 608). I'm of course going to be excited either way, but its fun to think about the possibility of this pregnancy being twins. :-)

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    Hello Ladies

    I am not if this thread is still open however I have read every page. I have gone through 7 cycles of IVF and hoping the 7th cycle is a success. We transferred 2 pgs normal 5 day embryos.

    My last pregnancy was a blighted ovum, no heartbeat so will list those betas too. Would love your thoughts? My first ultrasound in a few days.

    Pregnancy 1 blighted ovum that saw one sac.
    11dp5dt - 16dpo - 99
    13dp5dt - 18dpo- 310
    17dp5dt - 22dpo - 1400
    25dp5dt - 30dpo - 6820

    This cycle where we transferred two pgs normal embryos
    13dp5dt - 18dpo - 1380
    15dp5dt - 20dpo - 2280
    17dp5dt - 23dpo - 4100
    20dp5dt - 25dpo - 11050
    22dp5dt - 27dpo - 18,929

    Thank you!!!

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