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Can I sit in the hot tub during pregnancy?

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    Can I sit in the hot tub during pregnancy?


    This is my second time and in the second trimester. The first time was rather easy. I was able to deliver without any complications. She is 3 years now. But, I don't know why, maybe due to the stress, this time I am not feeling healthy. Last Monday, When I consulted the doctor for the routine check up, he told that my blood pressure has risen slightly. This is concerning me. My husband is very supportive, but, I feel so stressed. Last time I was very happy and excited about having the baby. But, I don't feel the same around now.

    A friend of mine suggested me to have a bath in hot tub. She told that it can help in easing my mind. I also happened to see a blog on it. 6 Health Benefits Of Sitting In A Hot Tub | Ferrari Pools It says the same thing. Maybe even my pressure could be reduced to normal. But, is it safe to sit in hot tub during pregnancy? Has anyone done that? My grandmother used to say, you can do whatever you feel like till the 3rd trimester.

    So, what do you have to say about this? Need your advice.

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    I don't think a hot tub is recommended while pregnant, b/c it can raise your body temperature too much. This article says taking a hot bath is a safer way to relax.

    Hot Tubs During Pregnancy: Safety Concerns and Health Risks
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    Thank you for that information. I didn't know. Can meditation help. The thing is I can't focus on something for a long time.

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