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6 week ultrasound possible multiples

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    6 week ultrasound possible multiples

    Ok first quick background info. I went yesterday to a regular sonographer who I don't think had a lot of experience with pregnancy ultrasound. I expected to be roughly 6+0 weeks. He did transvaginal, he found a heart (112 bpm) and did a quick crl and got 2.5 mm, quite small for what I'd expect at 6 weeks. In the scan I had a brief moment where I thought I saw a second sac but figured twins don't run in the family, didn't use fertility meds etc, so didn't think much more of it.
    Fast forward to today, I had a scan with my obstetrician and immediately we saw two sacs, or what looked like it. He said he also saw a possible third sac down the bottom. He was quick to dismiss any viability of the two sacs, and focused on the third which gave a crl of 6.8mm. He didn't measure heart but said it looked good.
    My question. Is it possible the sonographer scanned the other sac yesterday?? Or is it possible for the same fetus to be 2.5mm yesterday and to now be 6.8mm 24 hours later????

    Any help would be hugely appreciated. He also mentioned it could be a haematoma and that we really won't know much more until more time has passed

    ETA the "good" sac is the one on the right, that contained the fetus with good heart and 6.8mm crl, annoyingly you can't see it in attached pic
    Also haven't had any bleeding or spotting

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    Hi JoannaK,

    Have you asked your doctor?

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