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Prenatal massage -good or bad?

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    Prenatal massage -good or bad?

    Hello, everyone! !I have a very strange doubt to ask here. I am pregnant and this is my second trimester. I am a person who always love massages ^_^
    And during my first trimester, I undertook a prenatal massage from massage specialist at Physiomobility at Toronto. ( Prenatal (Pregnancy) Physiotherapy Massage Therapy Toronto | Physiomobility )
    Honestly, it was an awesome experience. They used pillows between my legs and started from one side to the other. ( so that I received the massage on both sides) It took about an hour for the process.But really fabulous!

    But the thing is my sister is thunderstruck for the reason that I took a pre-natal massage. She tells like the baby will be adversely affected if we do such things. Is it so??

    I have read that pre-natal massages are good for new mothers who have back pain. But does that have any adverse effects on the baby? I am slightly worried after hearing that.Those who know, please help..

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    I got them quite regularly and my baby is just fine.
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    I have had prenatal massages regularly during both of my pregnancies. I always find them gentle and relaxing. I'm not sure what the problem could be??
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    I think that pregnancy is hard. It makes to feel awful and sometimes it is so bad. I try to cope with back pain it, to overcome panik attacks and sometimes do prenatal massage ( I've read a lot about it Prenatal Massage and Its Benefits). It helpes to reduce pain and you feel more comfortable after it. But anyway I try to look for different ways of pain reduction.

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    Does anybody know a cool massager maybe? I mean a massage tool... because I can really afford a massage every week

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