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Severe Anxiety and Panic Attacks

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    Severe Anxiety and Panic Attacks


    WARNING: This is a very sensitive topic, so if you are going to be rude, please save it ... I would love to talk to people that understand what I'm going through and want to be supportive. THANKS

    After 5 years TTC and 2 IVFs, I got a BFP last Monday

    Since I was 14 years old, I was diagnosed with agoraphobia (a type of social anxiety with severe panic attacks). I've been treated with meds on and off since then. During the past years I've been feeling great and only using Xanax whenever I felt like I was feeling too anxious to cope with it on my own. During this last IVF, my anxiety skyrocketed and my psycologist (which is also an Internist) suggested that I used my Xanax on a daily basis, just to make sure that I was relaxed enough for my babies to stick to me If I got pregnant, then we would talk about getting off the meds.

    Well, turns out that I got and my psycologist was on vacation. So, I asked my RE about staying on Xanax or stopping. He said that he has had some other patients on Xanax and other types of psychiatric meds and their babies have never had any problems. Dear hubby wasn't too convinced because of what we had read about Xanax and pregnancy, so he asked me to stop using it. BIG MISTAKE! That same evening I had a huge Panic Attack and I started having all of this crazy thoughts ... I even thought about not wanting the babies, wanting to end this pregnancy, started crying incessantly. I called the OB-GYN that I have visited for years and he said that he didn't want me on Xanax, so that I should try some natural remedies that he suggested. So, my anxiety got even worse, to the point when I got this huge Panic Attack and felt like dying. We called the OB-GYN again, and he suggested Vistaril. I used it for about 5-6 days, but I kept feeling awful all day long. I also tried meditation respirations. Finally, I called the psychiatrist that has been helping me since I was a teen (I switched to the psycologist cause I wanted a change, but he's awesome). He said that it was a mistake to stop my Xanax. He suggested that I went back to my regular dosage. He explained that the Vistaril was not going to work for me because of my condition and that the appropriate medication was Xanax. I explained my concerns about it being Category D and he said that it would be worse for me and the baby if I stopped using it. He said that there is no real evidence of any damage to the fetus and that the worst case scenario would be that the baby could be born under the effects of the meds, but the body would quickly get rid of it.


    Today, my psycologist came back from vacation and called me, I couldn't pick up so he left a message that said that if I was pregnant I should stop taking the meds. I'm sooooooooo confussed. I don't want my baby to suffer because of me, I would feel so guilty if he had some abnormality because of something I did, but honestly, I tried without the meds and my life was miserable ... Isn't that even worse? I haven't been able to talk to him, and to be honest ... I kind of avoiding him. Today I also called my OB-GYN to let him know I was back on the meds and he wasn't too happy about it. He printed out an article about the effects of psychiatric medicines during pregnancy, so I could hand it to the psychiatrist. And I think that he actually understood that there might be a big possibility that Xanax is the only option for me.

    Sorry for the long story!!! Has anybody else experienced something like this? I just feel so guilty and sad and confussed ...

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    my prayers answered, #3 please stay safe!
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    I'm so sorry you are going through this. I don't have any experience, but I wanted to say that as someone who is also newly pregnant and not on meds, that the hormones can effect you so badly. Add your problems and it's not a surprise you are not coping without the medication. If you are thinking of self harm or feeling like the baby is unwanted (which we both know isn't true but your condition talking) then you HAVE to stay on the meds till you get use to all the changes. Then you may be able to get off them. Its been awhile since you posted, so I hope you are okay and that someone could give you a straight answer. All the best and good luck over the next nine or so months.
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    I suffered a workplace incident over 3 years ago & as a consequence I have Major Depression. I used to struggle with PTSD & panic attacks - but I've had successful treatment with CBD oil for that. I'm a happy person again.

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