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What do you think about this?

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    What do you think about this?

    My MIL is a very nice woman and we get along great. However, (there always is one with a MIL ) She is driving me batty using "baby talk" with ds. It is driving me INSANE!!!!!!!!!! As soon as she starts talking to him this HIGH pitched singsong southern voice comes out. I have told her a couple times to talk normally to him but it does no good. She was here 2 nights and we are going to their house for a 4 day wknd over new years. I know she loves him dearly and is a wonderful grandmother so maybe I should just shut up and leave good alone?
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    My suggestion is to bite your tongue.

    I have the same problem with a usually somber relative who speaks what I call "martian-eze" with DS. Not quite smurfy but rather a high pitched with lots of space-like sounds. Ugh.

    When my MIL was here in the summer, she would speak baby talk in her language which I found irritating. She also did it every moment with DS. I can't imagine a way to speak to your MIL without it being perceived as hurtful so I'd say leave it alone, especially as she sounds great in every other way. My sister commented on how silly I can sometime sound with DS, so I guess that we're guilty as well.

    Good luck, leaving the room and tuning out can do wonders. Use the extra set of hands as an opportunity to get in some reading, watch a movie, go shopping.
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    I personally would let it go. My mother is spending the week here and sometimes does things I don't totally agree with. But I figure she is helping me and I will let it slide.

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