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Christmas photos

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    Christmas photos

    Its been one of those days already. I have to rant again, I went to pick up my christmas photo cards at Walmart on Saturday and they couldn't find half and the ones they found were horrible. We all looked like we had sun poisoning we were sooooooooooo red. So I left them but came home and uploaded again to Sams club which usually turns out well. I called this morning and the person who barely spoke english eventually found them. So I get there about 3 hrs later to be told they are NOT ready. Then they give me another story about them not being ready till 2.30 which I knew but thought maybe they would have been ready earlier so I called. Finally they just told me that they lost them, they can't find them in their system.
    YA KNOW - I just said screw it, I will send what I got and some people just won't get cards this year.
    What else is happening today? I am going to plop my behind on the couch, look at my ruined walls and trim and have a cup of tea while ds naps
    me 40 dh 39
    tubal dx - 3 ectopics, '98 ivf#1 BFN- exdh,
    IVF 2004 - 24PN embryos all frozen(out of whack hormones)
    FET#1 BFN '04 - tube removed
    FET #2 BFP 10/06/05 Landon Scott
    FET#3 10/06 BFN
    FET#4 BFP 10/07/07 Harrison William
    FET#5 BFP 09/28/09 Brennan Rhys
    final FET#6 - will transfer 2 day 6 blasts (thawed and refrozen '09) Oct 2010 -

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    Oh You are having a crappy time. Hope things change for the brighter soon. I cant stand such incompetence. It must be so frustrating. Hugs


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    Tis the season right - lol.

    It seems like things always happen around this time and we are all so stressed which makes it worse.

    I just am having a crazed busy week and everything that could go wrong has. I woke up an hour and 5 minutes late because dh in his sleep hit the snooze and the off button when the alarm first went off and dd woke us up. Had to get her dressed and ready and plopped her in her exersaucer with a sippy of warm milk and sesame street on and literally wash my face, brush my teeth, throw my hair in a pony tail and get dressed and pack her diaper bag and breakfast and rush her to daycare. On the way there noticed my car was on empty and I mean below the E so I had to stop which made us even later and then I pull out to get behind one of those tracker equipment doing 5 miles down the road the whole way so I pull up 1/2 hour late to daycare and drop her off and get to work late to get a call that my mom can't get her at 11:30 because of her car so I call sister in law who gets out of work at 12:30 and she can take her but I have to get dd by 11:45 because another child comes and she meets her quoto. So leave work and get her and drive her 1/2 hour away to sister in law's work as she is getting out of work and then rush back to work taking a 1 1/2 lunch. Oooopppps.
    Me 36 DH 40
    One Beautiful Baby Girl Born 10/4/05!!!! Melanie Anna

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