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Terrible Twos Anyone?

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    Terrible Twos Anyone?

    I am thinking ds is too young but he is having the worst tantrums, biting and screaming fits ever. I know he is getting some more teeth but I feel like I didn't have a weekend. We went out and usually he will happily sleep in the car for some time but not this weekend. He did a "plank" everytime we tried getting him in his seat. It was funny I taped it with my phone. He screamed murder everytime I tried putting him down for a nap as well. I am not sure what is going on. He won't eat a thing and what he does eat he seems to start coughing and chokes up EVERY time he eats. I am a little concerned about the choking thing I think he has post nasal drip and it causes him to cough etc.
    Oh well I have put him down for a nap this morning and I think he is taking one. I guess he knows the weekends daddy is here and he doesn't want to miss out.
    We did have a date night but by that time I was so tired and stressed that I felt like I would rather be in bed for an early night.
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    Maybe he just did not feel good and was having a bad weekend. I hope he feels better soon. DD will have meltdowns like that also. I hope it is not a look at what is to come.
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    My Ds was an angel baby. Once he hit 14m he started throwing tantrums. Refuse to eat, cry sometimes on road trips and just became a bit difficult. I think its difficult when you are used to a laid back baby and they begin acting up. Its just a phase and it gets better. Or maybe he is coming down with something.


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    Oh yes, dont I know. My dd was an angel baby too, until she turned 11 months old. Now she fights back all the time - getting into the car seat, taking a nap, having her hair washed. And yes, weekends have always been bad for us. FIL spends at least one day of the weekend with her so having me, dh and FIL in the house all at the same time makes her really high. LOL I think this is our new normal now!!

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    Sounds like teething but if the not eating continues I would bring him to the pedi. which I'm sure you know already so it doesn't sound like I am too much help.

    DD is 13 months and she throws temper tantrums too. She will arch her back and fall backwards like a tree that was just cut down and we have to be careful because she slammed her head really bad a few weeks ago. You think she would of stopped this but nope.
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    Us too!

    DS is suddenly trying to throw a tantrum if he doesn't get his way; flings himself on the floor and moans a bit. (He hasn't picked up on the arms and legs flinging about, thank goodness.)

    Car seat time is a real handful; the plank, the extreme wiggle, screaming blinkin' murder for no reason. High chair time is sometimes the same.

    My Mum says it is the Terrible Two's (he's just 19 months) and I really need to cope with this behavior a little better, such a long way from my easy going fella.
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