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9 Month Check-up/food Questions

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    9 Month Check-up/food Questions

    Abby had her 9 month check-up this week.

    She is 29 inches long (90th%) and 17 pounds 11 ounces (25th%). She has consistenly been in the 50th% for weight in the past and I just hope she is going down a little b/c of how active she is.

    She happened to have a stomach bug and has not been eating very well for the past week of so. The doctor said a virus is going around.

    When I can get her to eat better, I really need to get her to try more table foods. So far she has Gerber puffs and cheerios but has turned her nose up to cut up banana and cheese. She will sometimes eat a cracker or two. Any suggestions for good starter foods for her? Should I really be pushing it or should I concentrate on getting her cereal and baby food in her? Oh, she doesn't seem to like most of the Stage 3 foods either...

    TIA - Bridget
    Abby 10/17/05

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    Holy cow. 29 inches. What a tall little one you must have

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    Hi Bridget - I was in the same boat - what the heck do you feed them? I went to a website and this is what they suggested (so far it is working -he likes most of it):

    peas - break the shells (these were a hit)
    mashed potatoes
    yam or sweet potato
    Graduate chicken sticks - (he loves these!)
    cream of wheat or regular oatmeal, malt-o-meal
    soft cooked carrots
    wheat toast with a little butter or margarine

    I just started Kai on this - I made a little buffet and he was in heaven. I still gave him rice cereal mixed with a vegetable and then tried the chicken sticks (I broke it up and fed small pieces to him) and peas and pieces of banana. He seemed to really be enjoying it.

    Good luck and keep us posted - the main thing is to make sure they are eating - you don't have to push solids too much but if you introduce different textures and tastes early they will sometimes be less of a picky eater.

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    My 9 month old is getting to where she doesn't like baby food and wants big people food all the time she has been eating:

    mashed potatoes and sweet potatoe
    Kix Cereal is a good one
    graham cracker sticks...the sticks are easy to hold

    And I the other day I gave her some pretzel and and a little taste of Cherry Icee...and Dh has given her ice cream! We have been giving her all new kinds of experiences!
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    When I took B for her 9 month appt. the pedi told me to start her on 3 solid meals a day in preparation of giving up the bottle. She was never big on baby food - but when she got 'big girl' food - look out!!

    Some of her favorite firsts were mac & cheese (cut up teeny tiny), broccoli!, egg (I think it's just the whites at 9 months?) with toast, mashed potatoes (gravy is a bonus), baked chicken, any of the chef boyardee meals (i.e., raviolo, beefaroni).

    Different textures and variety are key.

    Good luck!
    Mommy to One Princess, Bianca, born March-2005
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