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Strange Goings On

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    Strange Goings On

    Hello all! So I've been a member of Fertile Thoughts for a little bit but I've been usually just lurking until now. I first want to apologize if any of this gets into TMI territory. I feel like its necessary for anyone to get a look at the entire story. Thereís nothing graphic though, so I think Iím safe lol!

    I'm 32 and was diagnosed with PCOS almost 10 years ago. At that point my periods were coming and going pretty normal, except for when I came off Depo. I was on my period for a solid month before they started normally again. In December 2008 I went two months without a period and thought I was pregnant. I was not but I was diagnosed with PCOS and told there was really no treatment for it other than weight loss and dieting.

    Fast forward to now. I'm married to my third (and definitely final) husband. I've had two divorces, my mother's death and just a lot of stress to deal with so treating the PCOS, losing weight and dieting haven't really been on my mind until last year. I started taking Contrave and lost about 20 lbs. I got to a point after that where I could no longer afford it so I had to stop. I gained it all back and then some. After my first wedding anniversary in September I went back to the doctor and got back on the Contrave. I received a promotion in April with better benefits and now had a flexible spending account which covered the cost of the Contrave. Iíve been on it since September 22 and Iíve lost a little over 20 lbs.

    My husband and I arenít actively TTC, but weíre not preventing it either. Weíre of the belief that if it happens it happens. He already has two, a boy and a girl, 8 and 4, but we can provide and have the space for another child so if and when it happens weíll be ready. I am now on day 57 of my cycle. Yes, as a person with PCOS I realize my cycle will never truly be regular. However, it usually comes at the same time each month, give or take 2-3 days. I havenít gone this long without a period since I was diagnosed in 2008. On Christmas Day I thought it was starting as I saw some spotting when I wiped and I was having some slight cramps, but nothing else happened. Last night I had more bleeding when I wiped but it was more and was bright red. So I put in a tampon thinking my flow would get heavier overnight. I awoke this morning to nothing more in the tampon. I removed the tampon as itís dangerous to use them unless youíre actually on a period and nothing else has happened. So now Iím confused. I took two pregnancy tests on Wednesday, two days after I noticed the first spotting and they were both negative.

    At this point I figure itís just my body saying ďScrew you, Iíll do what I want when I wantĒ but Iím concerned a bit. Although I know with the PCOS itís highly unlikely Iím pregnant, especially given Iíve already gotten two negatives, I also know the Contrave could harm the baby if I happen to actually be pregnant. I figure this far past my period due date the test should be able to tell if I am pregnant, but could I have tested too early? Or could I need a blood test to confirm? Or am I right and my body is just taking itís sweet time with everything?

    Also, the doctor who prescribed the Contrave referred me to a dietician for weight loss, but my insurance doesnít cover it. Does anyone know of any alternatives or if there is another person I could see for similar services that my insurance should cover?
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    My recommendation is myfitnesspal app and eating 5 to 6 small meals per day and actually eating portions. You need to get physically active if you are not. Get your husband on board to do the same it makes it much easier. I went from 208 to 167 after my son to prep for another baby in 7 months. I'm a runner though so I included it. If you are obese you will loose more if you stay dedicated. It can be done, you have to be patient and committed. Best of luck.

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