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Does my daughter really need eyeglasses?

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    Does my daughter really need eyeglasses?

    Has anyone ever experienced having a child who suddenly needed eyeglasses at the age of 13? This just happened to our youngest daughter. She used to use my iPad a lot of hours a day, at the very beginning I didn’t realize the danger and control of the time she spend on the iPad. Now her sight have begin to deteriorate

    The doctor reassured us that this was normal and the best way to prevent vision loss is wearing computer eyewear. He explained to us that the harmful blue light emitted from the screens (iPad, PC etc.)

    I bought a pair of eyeglasses from Taime Optics for her, they claim that the eyeglasses can block 97% of blue light, it’s effective but I'm a bit worried about how she will handle the adjustment of suddenly having to wear glasses - do kids still do the "four eyes" sort of teasing? Middles school is such a weird time anyway.

    Could it be a vitamin deficiency of any kind? Could it be a sign of something else going on - diabetes or something?

    (Yes, I am one of those moms that leans towards worrying too much over my daughter, and lately I've just been sort of not trusting doctors as much as I used to. Long story - several recent and bad experiences.)

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    My oldest needed glasses for a while and now doesn't need them anymore. Her doctor told us it was part of normal eye development.
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