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What infertility means for us

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    What infertility means for us

    Hi, brave ladies going through infertility issues. I happened to come across the post which made me burst into tears. This is how a lady describes what others call just inability to have children.
    "The dictionary would tell you that it is simply being unable to conceive within a year of actively trying. But it's far more than that. And it's far more than just an inconvenience. It's a disease of the reproductive system that affects 1 in 8 couples. And like any other disease, it is frustrating. It gut-wrenching. And it is depressing. Itís like a grave that keeps following you around day after day as it swallows your hope and buries more and more of your dreams with the tears you just shed.
    It is desperately longing to be pregnant. Wanting to know what it feels like to have a life growing inside of you. A life that has your eyes and his smile. A life that you created in love.
    It is walking down the baby aisles and touching the onsies, picking up the booties, and wondering when. And asking why.
    Itís loving a child you have never even met. And missing them fiercely every day.
    Itís emptiness as you walk by the bedroom that should be a nursery. Itís loneliness as your house is absent from the pitter patters of tiny feet in the morning or giggles from bath time at night.
    Itís frustration that leads to desperation as you try every vitamin recommended, test suggested, treatment procedure offered, medicine given, and diet instructed.
    It is feeling unworthy. Because maybe your faith is too weak. Your prayers are not enough. Or your past too ****ing.
    It is trying to understand why prostitutes, drug addicts and those who abuse their children are given such blessings. But you? You seem to have to fight and work and struggle beyond your strength and exhaust all of your resources to receive.
    Itís a constant war between your body and your soul. A war that you must fight to win daily and a war that is exhausting, yet you battle on.
    It is trying to remain hopeful, yet realistic. And failing to find the balance.
    Itís hearing the words, ďIím sorry, but there is no heartbeat.Ē
    Or expecting to walk out of the hospital with a birth certificate, but instead itís a death certificate.
    It's more than just an inconvenience.
    It's more than just the inability to conceive.
    It's dream shattering. Soul crushing. And heartbreaking.
    And that is what 1 in 8 couples deal with on a daily basis. Couples that could be your friends, neighbors, or family members. So please keep them in your prayers. Because the prayer you pray for them today, could be the one that makes a difference in their lives tomorrow." : shakehead

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    That is heartbreakingly beautiful and so, so poignant. Thank you for sharing.

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    Yes, that's what every woman struggling feels. Moreover infertility effects every family member as seeing someone struggling desperately every other day demands lot of strength and emotional health. Yet another thing is when we face our cycles failed So here I always remember the following quote. "When one door closes, another opens. But we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one that has opened for us." That's why we have to keep on moving whatever happens to us. The pain that we've been feeling/have felt before can't be compared to the joy that's coming.
    I'm crossing every bone in my body for treatment options work for couples so we all can end up with little miracles of our own.

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    "Or expecting to walk out of the hospital with a birth certificate, but instead it’s a death certificate."
    That sentence sounded like a gunshot in my head. I cannot contain the tears. I totally agree with all those feeling the author of the post has described. I am very thankful that in our world there are women who want and do help us. Who become surrogate moms or just make egg donations. We are struggling to have a baby and with their help it’s even more possible than ever.
    I felt really heartbroken when found out that on top of pcos diabetes has developed. And only thought about that makes me want to cry, to lie on a bed and look at the ceiling asking world, Universe, God the only one question “Why?”… I don’t know if it’s fortunately or not but I’m grateful there are such forums where we can share our pain and make it weaker, make it smaller, and sometimes even get rid of it to the point when the happiness of a friend makes us happy too.
    I am praying for every struggling woman to become happy and fulfill her dreams!

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