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When He Will Going to Propose?

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    When He Will Going to Propose?

    Younger sister's wedding will be on May. Isn't it awkward that she will be walking down the aisle first instead of me since I'm the oldest one? I feel a little insecure. My boyfriend for 3 years haven't propose yet. I am sure about him and he's the one I wanted to marry. But no proposal and no plan of wedding. I know I'm ready to have my own family and kids as well. But what taking a man to propose to their long time girlfriends? I can't ask him that.

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    I don't see why you can't ask him yourself on what you see down the road for the two of you. Sit him down and ask him if you see the two of you getting married is in the future. If it isn't you may want to break up then.

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    Some couples got engage when they are 4 years together. My DH proposed when we are celebrating our 4th anniversary as boyfriend and girlfriend. You and your BF are only three years together so wait for it or if you can't wait just ask him when he will marry you. I think it is the best way to know his plans. Good luck to you and I'm hoping that he will propose this year.

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    I agree that is the best way to get know his plans...and maybe you can help him in buying a ring? what do you think about such silver jewellery?

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