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1 month separated  What comes next????

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    1 month separated What comes next????

    I have survived the month. On Jan 1st he moved out. He had threatened it since November and finally I told him before Christmas it was time for him to go. I am relieved that he is gone. No more fighting, no more anxiety about being home. He is living with his boss paying $200.00 for utilities. I am in the house that is being foreclosed on with 3 kids. Finances are a nightmare. I don't know what to do. He gave me $200 dollars this month and is paying most of the bills. As the house is being foreclosed or short saled there is no monthly payment. He has told me he should have never left but honestly I don't want him back. He broke my heart last month when he brought his "friend" to a business dinner. Not me....her. His continuous affairs of the heart, lying, dehumanizing words and spending money on what he wants attitude is best kept far away from me. 13 1/2 years is how long we were married. I have been with him since high school. I don't know what comes next. I can't afford an attorney. I make 600 dollars a month teaching preschool. I returned to school to pursue a RN degree, but it will take me years to get to that. I am stuck in here thousands of miles from any family. He has seen the children for maybe 10 hours this month. Never for an extended time frame. He says he will take the older 2 for the weekend but not the little guy (age 3) I told him it was all or none. I need a break. I haven't had one in 13 years. What to do? I can only stick it out going day by day and sometimes minute by minute............Colleen

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    I am so sorry you are going through all of this. You made it through the first month though. that is saying so much about you and how strong of a women you are! You now have 3 kids watching and learning from what choices you make. You are showing/teaching them how to be strong and capable...GOOD FOR YOU! Many hugs being sent to you and as for advice You seem to be doing it. Just try somehow to even sneak in a nice long warm bath and relax one night after the kids go to sleep. Keeping you and your kiddos in my thoughts and prayers..

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