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How is the economy affecting your relationship?

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    How is the economy affecting your relationship?

    I think DH's mood is (was) stemming from work. I know he has been butting heads with his boss over the hours his guys are allowed to work. They cut hours but are upset that the guys are not producing enough work. Well when you cut out 20 of the 60 of course production is going to go down (WTF).
    I just don't know how to help him, how to reassure things will be fine and not to stress. If he stresses, I stress.

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    So Sorry to hear this. I know quite a few people effected by the economy and some with job losses. I'm hoping things look up soon!

    DH and I have secure jobs and are comfortable but I keep warning him to not get too comfortable. Things keep getting more expensive and we have more money coming out of our checks now due to new taxes, etc. He also doesn't seem to take it seriously that we won't be able to afford to put our 2 kids through college. Who can afford $600,000 for a 4 year college for 2 kids in 18-20 years? Not us!
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    I watch every dime i spend. I try to save where I can when I can. I try buying in bulk, share pricey items with others.( split cost of wholesale membership with friend, share printer for camera pictures with anthoer friend.)
    I die my own hair.
    I do my own feet.( can't tell you how much i would love to have a pedi and a large dd coffee.)
    we eat leftovers.
    We have breakfast for dinner one night a week.
    I buy toys and gift when they are on sale or clearance and put them away.( already have easterbasket stuff for ds put away.)
    We go to the library to borrow books.
    We do free things through our church.
    I asked my mom and mil to split the cost of a class for ds for his Christmas gift.( ds son loves it he and daddy have time out of the house together and I get 1 whole hour to myself a week.)
    I use the bargin board and get lots of free/ reduced cost coupons.
    one of my friends uses my washer and dryer and spends one hour helping me around the house.( with RA and a two year old this is a Hugh thing for me, cause I can't move his crib or the couch to vacuum under it.)
    I hope this is helpful.
    Dh thinks that i'm very stressed out and maybe i should get another job outside the home. I told him that he should get the second job, I already take care of the home, car, child, deal with all family matters, the upkeep of apt here, the rental property in ri, run two home based business, and take care of a two year old.
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    It has, but not too negatively. I lost my p/t job in September. I saw it coming, so it wasn't a surprise. DH works for a supplier to the auto industry, so of course we're scared for his job. There have been lay offs and just last week he came home to tell me that all salaried employees (he's on salary) have to take a mandatory 5 unpaid days off this quarter. We tell each other that he still has a job and medical insurance, so we're ok.

    We are pretty frugal with our money. However, it's going to be tight. We have a small home business that generates a little extra money. I can tell he's really stressing about things and what are we going to do if the plant shuts down. We'll be ok for a while, but most of the manufacturing jobs have left the state (he's a manufacturing Engineer) and there isn't a whole lot left.

    All we're doing is hoping he can keep his job for another year when the economy is supposedly supposed to start picking up again.
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