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So I don't do anything so I was told

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    So I don't do anything so I was told

    I don't do anything nothing I sit on my butt and do nothing and I always buy things for me never for the husband.

    list of things I do
    take dd to the babysitter
    pick dd up from the babysitter
    cook dinner
    pick up the house evernight
    deep clean the house once a week
    pay all the bills
    take dd to dance, hula, swim
    clean dd messy room once a week
    give baths
    work full time

    what I have bought for myself in the last 2 months
    2 bathing suites from victoria secrets because they were on sale = $40 including shipping

    things the husband does
    goes to the gym for 2 hours
    takes out the trash
    does laundry
    plays playstation or Wii

    things the husband has gotten in the last 2 months
    2 tickets to USC games mius 1 game (I only go to 1 or 2 games) = $600

    How am I unfair with household work? How am I unfair period? I just don't get it. He should be doing laundry and taking the trash out with a smile.


    I wrote him a 4 page letter not to long ago told him he needs to change or he needs to go. He changed for 2 weeks YEP 2 whole weeks. Now he's back to his miserable annoying self. I'm thinking of printing the letter again or kind of updating it and printing it again to remind him. I'm tired

    I had my mom's motorhome we went to the beach last weekend for the day and it's just nice having it at the beach with kids. He was off all day yesterday and didn't even offer to bring back to storage for me. So this morning I took my niece to school, picked up my nephew (he's down for the week and is going to my dd's babysitter), took my dd and my nephew to the babysitter, went home picked up the motorhome and put back in storage this morning I even made it to work on time YAY me. He didn't offer to lift a finger because it was 'my' idea to get the motorhome. No I mentioned we should get the motorhome and he said yes absolutely because it's just a lot easier. He's a straight up ****!
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    I would sit down and talk with him and get the skinny. Tell him you are not happy and find out where his head is at when it comes down to you and the family. It doesn't sound like you are getting the support you deserve and need. Good Luck!
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