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Do you still keep in contact with people from your wedding?

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    Do you still keep in contact with people from your wedding?

    This bothers me. When Dh and I were married, we had too many people involved, too many. We each had 7 attendants, a personal attendant for each, a flower girl, a ring bearer--besides the people at the wedding. Of the 16 adults, we keep in contact with 8. 2 of the 8 being one married couple and 2 being my "sisters". It's not to say that we are in contact every day, but at least once a month or so an email or a quick call. I guess I feel like obviously we cared about these people to be part of our very special day and now, not even 5 years later we have no contact. In fact, some of them have NEVER met our DD, nor seen photos---eventhough we have a website updated frequently. The corker is below.

    Now, my MOH has said some things recently that "I shouldn't have heard"..or more like said to one of my best friends (more like an acquaintance)--and MOH knew this...and said don't tell N. WHY would you say crap like that. And further, it's about my marriage. I of course, don't know how to say anything or really if it's even worth it. She called me months ago, the first time she's called me in 13 months to tell me she was pg with her 3rd child from 3rd father...knowing full well how hard it is for us to conceive and just gloated! She told this friend: what he and i had was far better than N * DH would ever have, could ever have.. BUT YET, MOH isn't even speaking to the father of the child!
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    I would say about maybe half of them? Oh this is from my 1st marriage (1991). My 2nd marriage was in Vegas in 2004 So just DH and me

    My MOH and I had a falling out 9 years ago! I mean I knew her since the age of 5??!! It's sad what happened but the relationship is not salvageable. It's a very long story!! Anyways I wish her well but wish her away. Meaning I have no ill will towards her. I wish her a good life and you live your life and I will live my life!

    This is really a good question? I know my SIL does not keep in contact with any of them..except for family members that were in her party?

    Sorry what happened to you! I think it's just better for those cancers to stay away and out of your life Personally I think she is jealous of you..that is why people have the need to talk bad about others...it is what they want and are lacking. They have low self esteem. People who are negative have problems. I would just stay away from her. She is not worth it! Don't waste your energy or breath on her.

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    Not all of them. My one bridesmaid was witchy and everyone got tired of it. I tried to be there and ignore her poor personality but I grew tired of it too. She was ok but got worse after she was married. Anger issues. I asked an estranged cousin to be in my wedding (I am close with her sister). Hoped that would help us become closer. It didn't and I wasn't in her wedding.

    I'm sorry you ladies lost your MOH/best friends.
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