We tend to think of romance as being enhanced by going out to elegant restaurants and fancy resorts. Though these sorts of activities can add spark to a relationship, the development of true love and connection is fostered in our home. Without the superficial glamour we have a chance to truly discover and care for each other.

1- Many of us eat in front of the TV or the computer. Think about providing a cozy place to eat together at least part of the time, a place where you can sit and exchange ideas and enjoy each other's company. Take time to create a pleasant table as well. These little touches make a big difference in fostering relationships. Be sure to have other places in your house where you can sit and converse as well; places where you can face each other instead of the TV.

2- Fragrance is always present, even when we don't consciously notice it. Enjoy all the wonderful ways you can bring pleasant fragrances into your home. Cooking and baking bring delicious aromas into your home and potpourri and scented candles are also lovely ways to bring in wonderful smells. Light and warmth are other elements that makes our home an inviting environment where we are likely to want to stay home and spend time together. Is you home sunlit when the weather allows and full of warm light when it is cloudy or nighttime? Warmth can also come with color and materials like wood. Even pictures and posters can add to our sense of warmth.

3- Relationships flourish in a surroundings in which we feel pampered. What indicates luxury and total relaxation to you? For some it may be a hot tub and for others a porch swing. Even though you may not have the lifestyle you dream of, what little things could you have that would be even a hint of that dream? If you can't afford a pool perhaps you can afford that deck chair. If you can't afford to go to a fancy resort perhaps a set of luxurious bath towels will make you feel pampered.

4- We need a place where we can just enjoy the presence and love of another without distractions like undone work or objects that bring us stressful thoughts. Do you to have a pleasant room where you can be alone together? A place that includes the music, fragrances and things that you love promotes romance. Music can be a buffer separating you from outside noise and increasing your sense of being alone together.

Use these suggestions as a start in making staying at home and building a relationship more appealing. Once you work with them you will discover other things that make a difference to you. Warm relationships are enhanced when our home is warm and appealing.