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DH has made me sooo mad!!! (Needed to vent)

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    DH has made me sooo mad!!! (Needed to vent)

    Hi Ladies,
    I just need to vent. On Valentine's Day we got that big snow storm that was all over the news. We got 6-8 inches with some ice. I am currently 23w5d pg so cleaning up the snow was something I couldn't do. So DH goes out to shovel and clean off the cars. Well...this morning on my way to work I noticed that the hood of my car has a TON of scratches on it. So I asked DH was he used to clean my car off. He told me he used a brush and then asked me why. I told him about the scratches and his response was "Well...maybe I used a shovel. I don't remember." I am fuming!!! What the hell would posses anyone to use a shovel to clean off a car?? I wanted to clean my own car off and he yelled at me and wouldn't let me do it. Now he knows why!! I know he didn't mean it, but now my car is all scratched up. It's not even 4 years old yet and has been kinda my baby. I guess I wouldn't care if it was an older car, but it's not!! His car is a lot older than mine...so I could see him doing it to his and not caring. I told my mom and she said to make him pay for a new paint job!! I'm considering it. I'm just sooo mad now because it will eventually rust. I don't know what to do other than wring his neck!! Thanks ladies for letting me vent. I'm trying not to get too stressed out about it: 1. because it was an accident and 2. it's not good for the baby.


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    Oh, I'm sorry, that would upset me, too. Can you maybe take it to a detailing place and ask them if they can buff them out and get an estimate? My mom visited some people and the neighbor's dog got out and scratched up one whole side of her car bad (we think he saw his reflection in the black paint and was fighting himself) and a good detailing place was able to buff them out. It wasn't cheap, but it was certainly cheaper than a whole new paint job. Worth a shot.
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    chicken buy your hubby a broom so he can clean the car off with that. Thats what we use and there are no scratches. We use the long brooms u use in a garage etc. They work great for snow removal from cars. In the witner i keep one in the car with a shovel and blanket etc in case i end up off the road or needing to clean the car off when i get out of work etc.

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